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My creation is a tribute to Mondrian: Wendell Rodricks


Designer Wendell Rodricks, who unveiled his collection at the fashion week here, says he is so influenced by legendary Wendell Rodricks

Dutch painter Pieter Cornelis Mondrian that he is sleeping with Mondrian's designs in mind.

"I am sleeping with Mondrian in my head for months before finally coming up with my new collection based on his works of unique geometric abstraction where all curved lines are eliminated. My creations are a tribute to him," Rodricks told IANS.

He showcased his latest collection The Mondrian Minimalist at the first Kolkata Fashion Week here Thursday.

"Mondrian used all primary colours like red, blue and yellow for his painting. But I decided to do it my way, using my signature black and white for the fabric, while keeping the primary colours for the accessories and shoes," he said.

Rodricks said this is the first time the entire collection is being showcased in a fashion show.

"I showed 19 pieces out of 40 of The Mondrian Minimalist collection at the recently held Delhi Fashion Week. This is the fist time the entire collection is being showcased here."

The collection will be available at Westside stores across India by April-end.

On his next collection, Rodricks said: "I am working on knits and jerseys. In fact, I am doing certain experiments with the concept that has never been tried in the fashion industry." 


Diet soda reduces risk of kidney stones


Drinking diet soda is likely to reduce the risk of forming kidney stone, according to a new study.

Diet Soda

The research by the University of California, San Francisco, (UCSF) suggests that the citrate and malate content in sodas may be sufficient to inhibit the development of calcium stones.

Researchers measured the citrate and malate content of 15 popular diet sodas. They found that Diet Sunkist Orange contained the greatest amount of total alkali and Diet 7-Up had the greatest amount of citrate as alkali, an American Urological Association (AUA) release said.

"This study by no means suggests that patients with recurrent kidney stones should trade in their water bottles for soda cans," AUA spokesman Anthony Y. Smith said.

"However, this study suggests instead that patients with stone disease who do not drink soda may benefit from moderate consumption," he added.

The study was presented at the 104th Annual Scientific Meeting of the AUA.

What is swine flu and how serious is it?


Fears of a global flu pandemic grew as new suspected cases of a dangerous new strain of swine flu appeared around the world. It has killed up to 81 people in Mexico and spread to the United States and Canada.

You Tube: Symptoms Of Swine Flu

Here are some questions and answers about the outbreak:

How many people have died? how many are infected?
All the fatalities have been in Mexico, where the government is reporting at least 20 and up to 81 deaths from the flu virus. Most of the dead are between 25 and 45 -- the age group past pandemics have tended to strike.
Mexican officials said, however, that most of the 1,300 suspected cases were found not to have swine flu.
In the United States, the flu has infected 20 people in California, Kansas, Texas, New York and Ohio. Canada has confirmed six cases. Possible infections have also been detected in Spain, France and New Zealand.

What kind of flu is it and how is it spreading?
The virus is an influenza A virus, carrying the designation H1N1 and is spreading from person to person. It contains DNA from avian, swine and human viruses, including elements from European and Asian swine viruses, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is passed on by sneezing, coughing or when people pick up the virus from their hands. It likely originated in pigs, but the Mexican government and the World Health Organization have ruled out any risk of infection from eating pork.

How serious is it?
The Geneva-based WHO has declared the flu a “public health emergency of international concern.” It poses the biggest risk of a large-scale pandemic since avian flu re-emerged in 2003, killing 257 out of 421 infected in 15 countries.
The Mexican government is stressing that it can be treated and it has one million doses of antiviral drugs.

How is this flu different from ordinary flu?
The swine flu is characterized by common flu symptoms -- sudden fever, muscle aches, sore throat and dry cough -- but may cause more severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Common seasonal flu kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people in an average year, often targeting the elderly. Most people die from pneumonia and flu can kill previously healthy people for reasons no one quite understands. It can also worsen bacterial infections.

New flu strains can spread fast because no one has natural immunity and a vaccine can take months to develop.

This new strain of swine flu is genetically different from the H1N1 virus that the seasonal flu vaccine protects against.

How bad could it get?
A 1968 a “Hong Kong” flu pandemic killed about one million people globally. In a 1918 “Spanish” flu pandemic between 40 million and 100 million people died. However, the WHO says the world is now better prepared to withstand a flu pandemic.

What measures is the mexican government taking?
Mexico has closed all schools in the capital and two central states until May 6 and stopped hundreds of public events in Mexico City, including concerts.

Mexico City has shut 70 percent of its bars and nightclubs, closed churches and cinemas, and the army is handing out surgical face masks on the street.

The government is recommending people avoid crowded places and refrain from greetings like shaking hands, kissing or hugging. People have been told to wash their hands frequently and avoid sharing food or kitchenware.

It has also issued an emergency decree that gives it the power to isolate sick people, enter homes or workplaces and regulate air, sea and land transportation to try to stop further infection.

The government has even extended the deadline on filing tax returns by a month to the end of May.

What is the rest of the world doing to help?
The U.S. government is monitoring developments and the CDC and the WHO are working on a vaccine.

The WHO has activated a command and control center for acute public health events nicknamed the “war room.” It says it is ready to use rapid containment measures if needed, including antivirals.

The WHO has a stockpile of 5 million treatment courses of the antiviral Tamiflu, by Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG and Gilead Sciences Inc, and of Relenza, made by GlaxoSmithKline, which have both proven effective against the virus.

Countries and regions also have antiviral supplies and the United States has released 25 percent of its 50-million course stockpile of the two drugs.

Should tourists with trips planned to mexico be worried?
The CDC and the WHO say there is no need to alter travel plans and Mexico has said it saw no need to close its borders.

- HT

How To...Impress Him On A First Date


By Brian Alexander

Find joy in every day life

Imagine if we could get an easy-to-follow blueprint that covers the big relationship moments we all face, and keeps it simple. Sounds good, huh? Well, if there were such a thing (written by him, for you), that could see you both through those tricky moments that life, and love, throw your way, this is how it would look. Brian Alexander gives us the skinny on how to impress him on a first date...and how most definitely not to.
Date Makeup

Women accuse men of only talking about themselves, but maybe we're just trying to fill the empty conversation space. "I've been out a few times with women who seemed open and friendly until I asked them to dinner," reports Noah. "They sit there and don't say a word. They make me feel like they either don't want to be with me in the first place or they have nothing to say, which is lame."
Be Smart
No doubt some men - maybe many men - are intimidated by smart women. But brains are sexy! (Glasses are too, but maybe that's just me)
Be sexy, but not that sexy
"I thought she'd expect money to change hands by the end of the night," replied Rob when I asked him if a woman had ever dressed up too much for a first date. "I spent the night watching men watch her and worrying I'd wind up in a bar fight defending her honour." Remember this: We are attracted to you or we wouldn't have asked. So we already think you're sexy.
Pay attention
Don't take phone calls! "I've had women sit across the table from me and take three, four, five phone calls or check their BlackBerrys," my friend Abe reports. "They always say, 'Sorry, it's work,' as if that made it ok." Turn your mobile off, look him in the eye and have a conversation. This is called courtesy.
Don't sleep with him on the first date
You are not hearing this from me, got it? Yes, we may try to sleep with you on the first date. But when I'm sitting and thinking about it rationally, coolly, without having had three glasses of wine with a woman wearing a miniskirt and Louboutin heels, I think of my first date with Elizabeth when, after a beach picnic, we made it as far as her bedroom, lips locked, faces flushed, and she broke off the kissing. She smiled at me and said, "I'm not sleeping with you."
"Ever?" I said.
"I didn't say ever."
"Ok," I said, "how about I leave, then knock on your door and we call that our second date?" That didn't work, but I admired her ability to set a boundary and her challenge to me to overcome it. A game? Maybe. But I came back for a real second date, then a third, and she made me glad I played.

21 Secrets You Never Need to Share


Girl Secret1. That you do pelvic-floor exercises to get you through that really dull meeting.

2. You got ever so drunk one night, pulled the horrible, but inexplicably magnetic, barman in your local, and it was HOT.

3. That you once dreamt you snogged your uncle.

4. About the one time you just couldn't wait and peed in the bush outside your house.

5. Every now and then, you have to pluck out an extremely long, blonde facial hair.

6. You've tried desperately not to, but you still fancy one of your boyfriend's friends.

7. You sometimes irrationally fret that ghosts do exist and thus your long-dead grandma can see every little immoral thing you do.

8. Whenever you walk past a building site you pretend to talk on your mobile to avoid the 'Alright, sweetheart?' sleazy chat.

9. You shoplifted a Snickers when you were 12 - and felt a delicious thrill at getting away with it.

10. You talk to your cat in a baby voice.

11. The insane jealousy you feel for your little sister, who looks just like you - only younger. Not fair.

12. That you couldn't find Poland on a map if your life depended on it.

13. You'll never understand why people think sex on the beach is romantic. You want sand there?!

14. You sometimes fantasize that your infuriatingly me-me-me colleague has a horrible accident and loses her voice.

15. That you think your friend's baby looks a bit like Yoda from Star Wars.

16. Your local MP could be called Delilah Stardust for all you know.

17. You've been known to look at Facebook pictures up to, oh, three times a day.

18. You go to art galleries to feel sophisticated, but are actually largely bored.

19. That you once read his text messages and then felt really guilty because there was nothing remotely incriminating.

20. You agree with Sex And The City's Samantha that, "They don't call it a blow job for nothing, honey."

21. That the gorgeous three-course "home-cooked" meal you served his parents wasn't just food, it was M&S food.

- GM

Designs of some beautiful Punjabi Suits


Botox to replace mascara?


maskaraCreated by Allergan, the company behind the anti-wrinkle drug Botox, the new chemical for eyelashes, called Latisse, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. Latisse has been designed to treat a condition known as hypotrichosis of the eyelashes, which means a person does not have enough eyelashes, reports the Telegraph.

If applied once everyday to the eyelid using a disposable applicator, Latisse can apparently improve the length, thickness and colour of hairs. The drug should be used regularly to maintain the thicker lashes. Its side effects can include eye redness and itchiness, a darkening of the eyelid skin and a permanent darkening of the whites of the eyes.

The most important ingredient in Latisse is a chemical called a prostaglandin, which is present in hair. The chemical may help in the development and regrowth of hair follicles and is also used to treat glaucoma. In fact, it was a glaucoma specialist who first discovered the eyelash effect. Latisse, which is the first prescription product for lengthening eyelashes, will be available early next year and reportedly a 30-day supply of the drug will cost 120 dollars.

According to the company, the global sales of the drug could cross the figure of 300million pounds a year.


Supermodel Naomi Campbell at Lakme Fashion Week


Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu on ramp looking sensual

You Tube : Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu on ramp looking sensual

Bollywood celebrities at Lakme India Fashion Week 2009


How to wear Sari


One more video tutorial to wear sari.

Please comment or ask questions if you are still confused to wear sari.

Saggin' jeans

Pull up your pants!” That’s what the US government’s been telling ‘rebellious’ kids all over about wearing the very popular sagging or baggy jeans (called saggin’ by those who wear them).


After all, they say, how can you ever maintain ‘high’ ideals of morality and self respect with such ‘low’, bottom-revealing denimwear?
The gen-gone-by, on the other hand, fails to understand why Gen i’s going down, down, down the saggin’ road. But, sagging jeans is not just a Westside story — kids in India are also going down that way, and they’ve stirred up quite a debate.

Low profile
The new weapon of mass division in the country, this rebellion is brewing in low murmurs in every home. Sarita Gupta says, “My son is in Class XI and he only wears low-waist baggy jeans. I keep asking him to wear proper, fitting ones, but he doesn’t listen to me. In his language, he ‘gives a damn.’ Earlier, when I saw other kids wearing these things, I’d think, inke maa-baap kuch kehte kyun nahin, only to realise that my own kid was wearing them too! Even girls don’t seem to mind showing off their thongs! I’m not very old fashioned, but this is no fashion.”
Sarita’s concerns are echoed by other parents as well. An MNC professional, Dinesh Chatterjee, says, “This is absolutely indecent. Imagine someone’s underwear or bottom staring at you! How can parents allow their kids to dress up like that? A friend told me that it’s a rebellion of sorts. Care to explain how and why?”

However, young ‘rebels’ don’t seem to mind all the attention and debate that they’re attracting. They, of course, have their own reason for sporting these pants, never mind the parents’ panga.

Anmol Samad, who wears his baggy jeans way low, has a tattoo on his biceps, sports some three or four ear studs and has also pierced his eyebrow. He says, “It’s a cool fashion trend! Tight-fitting pants are for oldies. Check out my pants, aren’t they cool?” However, it’s not all style, apparently, it also serves a purpose. As Abhishek Kahn says, “Some people wear it to hide their skinny legs.” Sanchit Das wears his pants low because it’s more comfortable and airy that way.
But, is the saggin’ worth the naggin’ at home? Sylvester Samson doesn’t seem to mind that. “Earlier, I used to get shouted at, but now they know these pants won’t go up. Why, my school pants were low too, and teachers would often pull them up for me,” he says.

And, even that didn’t deter them? Avison Varghese laughs and says, “Kitnon ki upar karenge, the entire school wears them low now.” Sanchit is more in your face, “If you don’t like my baggy jeans, you have the option of checking out my branded undies. And if you don’t like that too, then just turn your face away.”

The kids may give a damn, but parents are trying their best to do some damage control and, in the process, are coming up with innovative solutions. Sarita says, “I’ve bought my kids long t-shirts to cover their waists. Thankfully, they wear it because long t-shirts too are hip-hop stuff.” Sunita Biswas, a mother of two, says, “My daughters wear very low-waist jeans. So, I have bought them some gowns and balloon dresses to wean them away from this embarrassing piece of clothing.”

Published in – TOI

Koena & Tanushree: Best friends turn foes


Koena & Tanushree

They say that two actresses can’t be friends but Tanushree Dutta and Koena Mitra proved this saying wrong by their strong friendship. But the latest is that the two Bong hotties are not in talking terms anymore.

Koena and Tanushree used to flaunt their friendship but in the current situation, they can’t even stand each other. Interestingly these two actresses who used to party, shop, hang out together are avoiding crossing each others path.
When asked, Tanushree informed us that there’s no problem between them but she is not in touch with Koena who used to be her good friend once upon a time. Tanushee said, “There’s no fight or any issues between us. But it’s been long that I am not in touch with Koena. We are not in talking terms. We used to be friends before but we are not friends now.” Hmm... it seems these two actresses will never be friends again. – (Source)

Different ways of wearing a Sari


This style of sari draping is common to the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also the most popular style of sari draping. In this style of sari draping, one end of the sari is neatly tucked into the band of the petticoat on the waist. After wrapping the sari cloth around the waist once more, the sari is neatly folded into pleats, which are then tucked into the waistband of the petticoat just below the navel. Then after wrapping it around the body one more time, the other decorative end of the sari also called the "pallu" comes diagonally in front of the torso and draped over the left shoulder.


1. A waist - to - floor length petticoat tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring.
2. A tight fitting blouse that ends just below the bust.


After step one you take the sari and tuck the plain end of the sari into the petticoat for one complete turn from right to left. Make sure that the lower end of the sari touches the floor.


Beginning from the tucked-in end start making pleats in the sari, about 5 inches deep.


Make about 7 to 10 pleats and hold them up together so that they fall straight and even.


Tuck the pleats into the waist slightly to the left of the navel, and make sure that they are turned towards the left.
After this you take the sari and tuck the plain end of the sari into the petticoat for one complete turn from right to left. Make sure that the lower end of the sari touches the floor.


The end portion thus draped is the pallu, and can be prevented from slipping off by fixing it at the shoulder to the blouse with a small safety pin.
You are now draped in a sari . Now stand before the mirror and get enchanted by the grace you exude.


Indian Sari Styles


11-6214BThe success of the Sari is attributed to its total simplicity, practical comfort, and sense of luxury a woman experiences when she wears one. A Saree properly draped transforms a woman to become graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous. So just make a note on some basic steps about how to drape a Sari.

In our next article we will show you with illustrations that how to wear a sari.
Learn to wear sari

Learn how to wear saree, Learn new styles to drape a sari, wrap indian saree step by step

  • A sari is an outfit which reveals as much as it hides. Wearing a sari is an art which require practice.
  • A perfectly draped sari makes personality but a clumsily draped sari can equally bring down the look of the Sari and spoils the whole appearance of the woman. So just make a note on some basic steps about how to drape a sari in different styles.
  • Sari is worn on different occasions and thus there are number of sari draping styles available. If you are going to an office its advisable to pin up your sari, this looks smart and is manageable too. For parties, just pin up the tip of the sari and let the rest fall on your hand. This gives a very graceful look. We understand how important it is to know how to wear sari in proper style thus we learn you how to wear a sari in different styles with illustrated demonstrations in different steps.


Churidar Suit

Churidar Suit
If the long-leg look is what you have always yearned for, then churidar is the right pick for you. Churidars are basically popular as they enhance the beauty of the legs revealing their curvy contours. The charismatic appeal of the attire lies in the amount of flexibility it has; as just a change here and there, and you are ready to catch eyes, with that exuberant modernity blended with ethnicity. So, in case you have always envied those hot Bollywood babes with long sleek legs and flowing royalty, Churidars are here for you to give yourself a kick. To know more about the latest trend in churidars, read on.

The Past…
Churidars are basically tightly fitting trousers that can be worn by both men and women. They are wide at the top and quite narrow at the ankle. The length of the churidar is longer as compared to the leg and often have buttoned cuff at the ankle. This excess length falls into folds and appears like bangles. This led it to its name Churidar, with ‘churi’ meaning bangles and ‘dar’ meaning like. Churidars are essentially worn with a kameez (fitting over shirt) by women and with kurta (loose over shirt) by men. In the ancient times, churidars were worn by Mughal rulers and Kathak dancers, teamed with a fitted bodice and skirt ensemble.

The Present Fashion Statement
Churidars are versatile and evergreen as they can be worn with long as well as short kameez and kurtas. You can team them up with a dupatta or a shawl for a feminine look. To add to its splendor, wear some matching jewelry to complete the look. For a more chic look, you can group the churidar with a slightly loose, short knee length kameez, without dupatta. For finishing touch wear some ethnic jewelry and footwear. Just in case, you like the girl-next-door look, minus the jewelry and still look hot.

For Special Days…
Owing to their popularity and ethnic look, Churidars are also available for special occasions. As a result, they are available in different fabrics such as, Silk, raw silk, cotton, prints, georgettes, etc. You can even find them in rich designs and heavy embroidery to spill the dazzle around. Churidars have even undergone transformation in their real nature. This implies that you can now find straight Churidars, without folds or with very less folds. Its length is kept just up to the ankle; which at times is embellished with embroidery or sequin work. Anarkali suit style is the new chic on the block, reviving the grandeur of the yester years.

So, for all the pretty lasses out there who want to sizzle with the beauty, romanticism and ecstasy associated with the lovelorn Anarkali of Mughal-e-Azam, it is the ideal choice for them. Its frills, drapery will flatter you and your curves, making you feel like a princess. Thus, the crux of the matter is that churidars are here to stay for a long time to come. Besides, the designers and the style gurus will keep exploring the fashion possibilities this Indian attire has, to keep you looking good, with an increased charm and beauty.



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