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Kurti this summer II


Angarakha style nickline with laced embroidery Frilled over princess line stylish kurti Satin patch below waist and at border

Kurti this summer


Stylish kurti with capri Off shoulder style with flair sleeves & round corners Cotton hot style with gathered slits

Don’t let age become a fashion hurdle


shabana aazmiBryan Adams might have popularised being 18 Till You Die, but we know better. Ageing is an inevitable process. Earlier, stricter fashion rules forced our moms and grandmoms to dress to look much older than their age. But today’s fashionistas strongly believe in age appropriate power dressing – without looking boring.

However, some women still make the mistake of either attempting to hang on to their youth by dressing too young or dressing in dowdy, frumpy garments, adding unnecessary years to their looks. DT got the experts to tell you what you need to top that ‘Sexy Forever’ list.

Most fashion designers say that the rising levels of health consciousness in society has resulted in older women being fitter and flaunting toned bodies. “Today, older women are smarter and can carry off most designs with as much elan as a 20 or 30-year-old,” says designer Narendra Kumar aka Nari.

So what are the style essentials that a 40 plus women should remember? According to designer Wendell Rodricks, other than getting rid of stuff from the wardrobe, it’s more important that women throw away things that look from a certain period. “It’s most important to do away with a look from a certain period. Women who grew up in the 60’s or 70’s should not have hair or make-up from that period,” he explains. “Know your personality and choose clothes that complement your body shape and style,” advises designer Lina Tipnis. Wendell adds, “Cleavage is great at any age. So go for it, armed with a good flattering bra. Take away attention from hips by layered, sheer effects. It’s not as much about the clothes as it is about good skin, hair and natural make-up.”

According to Nari, short kurtas or blouses with well-detailed necklines teamed with elegant trousers look great on older women. “Though dresses are still seen as clothes for the young, the longer ones, that end just below the knees, can also be a stylish option for those women who can carry them off well. But ensure clean and elegant cuts,” he adds.

Wendell’s list of strict no-nos include minis revealing dimpled knees, sleeveless garments if cellulite has taken over the arms and most importantly, excess make-up. “Also, no branded bling bags. It’s plain senseless when an old woman lugs around a massive branded bag that looks like it can house a football,” he adds. Meanwhile, Lina cautions against mid-riff revealing tops. “That’s definitely one thing older women must avoid,” cautions Lina.

Sarees with clean cut blouses, salwar-kurtas that flatter the body shape and sleek trouser suits make for other options for formal evening wear. “Make sure you focus on accessories. They go a long way in enhancing the overall look,” Lina adds.
Nari concludes, “For today’s smart woman, 40 plus is not old. Hence, as far as dressing sensibilities go, unless they are trying to ape teenagers in their style statements, they can opt for almost any garment.” - TOI

Black saree elbows out black dress


aish in black sariLast year, leading ladies everywhere were floating up the Red Carpets at award shows and premiers in floor length  designer gowns, a brief departure from the mandatory Little Black Dress.But the year turned and the black saree got the sartorial upper hand in one clean sweep of the chiffon pallu. It started last year when Kareena began wearing sarees because Saifoo apparently likes them. She came to the Saawariya premier in Manish Malhotra’s six yards of black net with a bold red and blue border.

Tabu and Aishwarya, chronic saree wearers, are often seen in black diaphanous numbers, though the new Mrs Bachchan’s uniform used to be pastels.

The saree is the stuff of dreams, drenched with the possibility of an unseasonal shower. It twinkles with sequins, diamantes or pitta work. Draped tightly around the hips, it has a better fit than a Parisian gown. The sheer material showing off those slender hips, leaving the face, arms and neck glowing in contrast to the dark swathe. Most importantly, you can’t march down the street in a saree. Your steps have to be small and slow, hips rolling from one side to the other, the gait of a swan. It would take more than a skewed fashion sense to look bad in a black saree. There is an unspoken agreement on how to wear it: the material has to be diaphanous, the choli, spaghetti or halter with the pallu tantalisingly draped, almost – but never really – slipping off the décolleté.

Diamonds in white gold melting, must spill over the shoulders, the neck almost bare, a statement ring or cuff on the hands. But most importantly, the black saree follows the first rule of seduction – igniting the viewer’s imagination. - TOI

Bollywood Salwar Kameez


 Bollywood Salwar Kameez Round Kameez with Salwar Round kameez with Patiala Salwar

Churidaar Suit designs


Cotton Churidaar unique style White cotton shirt with black pyjami & embroidery Anarkali shirt with angrakha pattern Bright churidaar with stylish neckline

India ethnic Footwear – know as “Punjabi Jutti” also


Pink beaded - sequence worked Black beaded with sequence work Zardosi work on Punjabi Jutti Punjabi Jutti Red

Happy Mother’s Day!


mot0a mot1v mot2d mot3h mot4e mot6v mot7d mot8h mot9e

Easy Ways to Lose 8-10 Pounds


My weight loss progressThere are many reasons why people want to lose weight: to look better, to feel healthier or to gain more confidence. One of the best weight loss goals you can set is to lose eight-ten pounds. This is a very achievable goal for those individuals who set their mind to it. While many individuals want to lose weight quickly, many of the quick fixes available involve rules that are far too strict and people are unable to stick to them for a long time.

Change your habits
Changing your eating habits is one the best ways to lose ten pounds. While the process may take a much longer period of time, the results tend to be more permanent. Closely examining your eating habits will reveal a lot about you.  For example, you may be snacking late at night or snacking while you watch TV instead of eating because you are hungry.

Reduce the quantity of food
Most people just eat too much. This is because the body only recognizes that it is full twenty minutes after the stomach is full. This means that you have to pay more attention to the signals your body sends when you eat.

Chew foods
You can significantly reduce the quantity of food you eat by chewing more. This increases the time you take to eat and gives your body enough time to signal whether you should eat more or stop.  It will also help to reduce the amount of unhealthy food you consume.

Change your routine
A lifestyle change is another way to lose weight. You have to change your daily routine to include more activities and exercise. You can make little changes that will bring about great changes in the end.

The following suggestions may help:  take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride a bike to work instead of driving, or consider walking if you live close to work.  Not only will this help you lose weight but you will also save money on gas. Many individuals have found that diet changes and exercise come with quick weight loss that is both unsustainable and unrealistic. It is for this reason that small changes to diet and lifestyle over time are a much better option for sustainable weight loss.

What makes Armani watches so special


Author: Jamie Hanson

Armani watches Giorgio Armani is famous for his intellect of trend and style and it truly reveals in his Armani watches too. Like various other Armani fashions, Armani watches are dedicated to both, function and form. Armani creates watches that not only are magnificent yet it truly holds up pressures and the requirement of everydays living. One would surely find combined sophistication and casual.

Consumers who would choose to buy Armani watches would be happy always with the purchase }as|because} Armani watches are worth purchasing and Armani comprises various strong characteristics associated to their range of watches.
Armani watches forever have been traded as an Emporio brand rather than the Giorgio-Armani itself. Giorgio-Armani, an Italian fashion-company established in 1975, is now the most reputed brand in the whole world. Armani is spread into various segments to attract distinct market areas as well, bringing in lot of business. Giorgio Armani is section of this segment and focuses in watches along with other things.

For any of the watch brands it's very essential to be unique and unique as this recognizes one company with another. Consumers usually prefer a unique kind and / or design of watch, distinct from other watches and most likely make the same purchase as to the earlier one provided there had been no troubles with the earlier purchase. Therefore it is very important that any watch brand must have a few very strong characteristics when designing and creating their range of watches. Armani have lot of strong characteristics associated to their brand - Armani. One of Armani's powerful characteristic is perhaps the reality that all of their watches are truly superb. Each year Armani creates various watches and each year most of Armani watches are grabbed by lot of contended customers. The customers are all happy as they have bought a new Armani watch, and again are contended with their superb watch.

Consumers are also delighted with their new superb Armani watch as it is truly very reasonable. There are various watches obtainable in the market while some watches show more value than its actual worth. On other hand, Armani provides customers a chance to buy their brand of watches at a reasonable price or the right price as recomended by others.

Each watch have its own exclusive design and design. Armani is surely not distinct from other watch companies as it endeavors to produce creative, likeable and new watches. The result in doing this is as their customer base will return again for more, with a expectation, that they would attract lot of customers with their exciting, individual and new watches all through the year. The customers gain assurance with the truth that Armani is a type of company that would continue in producing best watches, each one with its precise and exclusive design & design, exquisiteness and at a reasonable price.

Armani manufactures thousands of unique watches every year becasue need for these watches continues to raise. Also, there are lot of options simply obtainable for customers however Armani is certainly a company that would continue in producing these exquisite watches.




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