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Eye catching churidaar by Cbazaar


salwar kameez 

Smart and stylish salwar suit in olive shades by Cbazaar. Well styled tiered kameez is patched with printed fabrics in shades of olive. These are printed with floral and circle patterns. A dark mehndi green shade crochet patch, embellished with fancy buttons accentuates the kameez. Neckline is patched with a dark beige satin fabric, embellished with shell like beads. Hemline and neckline accentuated with a blue lace edging. Comes with plain churidar in dark beige and matching dupatta with a lace patch border in dark mehndi green. Fabric used for kameez is cotton and lycra, churidar is lycra and chiffon dupatta. SLEEVE STYLE: OPTIONAL SHORT SLEEVES, BOTTOM STYLE: CHUDI IN LYCRA, WAIST TYPE ; ELASTIC. COMES +3" GARMENT FIT. DUE TO VARIOUS TYPES OF LIGHTINGS & FLASH USED WHILE PHOTO SHOOT THE COLOR SHADE OF THE PRODUCT MAY VARY.THE BRIGHTEST SHADE SEEN IS THE CLOSEST COLOR OF THE FABRIC.

Eye catching churidaar suit

An attractive multihued printed kameez features printed blue fabric with peach crochet lace at the yoke, by Cbazaar. The neckline and the hem features coffee brown ruffles. Capri flared coffee brown sleeves features orange printed patch along the border. Churidar in coffee brown includes multihued printed patch along the lower edge. Comes with shaded and crushed dupatta in coffee brown, orange and blue with printed patch along the border. fabric is cotton and faux georgette. SLEEVE TYPE : CAPRI FLARED SLEEVES, BOTTOM TYPE: CHUDI , WAIST TYPE: DRAWCHORD. DOES NOT COMES WITH GARMENT FIT. Due to various types of lightings & flash used while photo shoot the color shade of the product may vary. The brightest shade seen is the closest color of the fabric.

…you can give your man a great time.


Tachymeter Racing Watch
The Carrera Tachymeter Racing watch by TAG heuer is just right for men who enjoy strong fashion statements. Designed with inspiration from speed counters on classic racecar dashboards, the watch can also calculate speed. Available in fine-brushed and polished steel braceletes.
Price: 1,42,000

Make way for white this summer


Fashionistas have long proclaimed that you can never go wrong with black.

kunal The LBD (li’l black number) has never, and will never, go out of style. But now, it’s sure got stiff competition from the opposite member of its colour family — white. Be it because of the summer heat, or the spring in one’s step because of Spring, but white is overtaking its dark cousin and becoming the fashionable colour of the season. While whites and pastel shades have always been popular as ‘summer colours’, what’s new this time around is that people are not just donning white during the day, but at night too. No, it’s not just a brunch colour anymore, it’s the uber cool shade of Mumbai’s nightlife!

Take glam dolls Dia Mirza and Genelia D’Souza, for instance, who were seen wearing a chic white dress and white pants with a white blouse at recent late-evening events. What’s more, it’s not just the women, the men are donning the safedi ki chamak with elan too! There was the ever-stylish industrialist Yash Birla who dazzled in all-white at his recent do and even Kunal Kapoor showed off a casual white kurta teemed with a white gunjee and white pants with flair.

Designer Anamika Khanna feels white is a “chic” and “interesting” colour to sport in the night, for white attire can be accessorised to the tee. “You can go all white, and then accessorise with long necklaces, pearls, metallic jewellery, black, or even tribal stones like corals and turquoise. On the other hand, clean white also looks very classy,” says Anamika. Designer Gayatri Khanna feels white is the perfect colour for the sweltering summer of Mumbai, with its cooling, calming effect. “In the daytime, white can be accessorised with wooden beads or silver and for a more formal look at night, it can be teamed with black, gold or diamonds,” advices Gayatri. White has always been a universal colour, now it’s time to glamourise it a bit, up its oomph quotient and flaunt it when its dark outside. Go ahead, be white tonight!

Is Your Spouse, Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Cheating On You?


Author: Grant T Dougan

Here's The Easy Way To Catch a Cheater

Is Your Spouse, Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Cheating On You? In over 50% of unions, one person cheats and is unfaithful. No one should be betrayed but regrettably many marriages are lost due to it. If you're curious about how to find out if someone is betraying you, we will give you a simple way to learn if your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating.

You will only need a few hours at the most. To keep it pain free we will present this tactic in three steps.

Step One:
Here is the hardest part - you must find your spouse's mobile phone for in around 15 minutes without risking them seeing you. Remember that you will want to choose a moment where they will not walk in and find you inspecting their cell phone.

You could wait for them to head out to the store or jump in the shower - just choose a time where you will have the mobile phone alone for a few minutes. The above were only a few ideas to think about..

Part #2:
Once you have their cellphone in your hands, check out the call log list so that you can see all the incoming and outgoing calls that are listed.

When you locate the calls list on their phone, get out a sheet of paper and jot down each number on the phone. This shouldn't require more than 10 minutes even if they have a lot of calls - once you are done set the phone back where you got it from.

Third Step:
It is now time to discover if your mate is cheating..

Now you want to determine exactly who owns each phone number on the list that you made. This lets you know exactly who your significant other has been talking to.

To get information on who owns a phone number, you need to utilize what is referred to as a "reverse telephone number lookup". In this case, this is the most important step for you to catch a cheater.

Just by punching in a number, a reverse phone number lookup will provide you with full details about the owner any phone. You'll discover full information on the person (address, name, etc).

To utilize a reverse cell phone search you will have to shell out a couple of dollars - don't fret though they are very inexpensive. One quick tip, make sure you find a service that charges just a one-time charge which then allows you to run unlimited reverse phone lookups. This gives you a way to learn information on all the phone numbers on your listwithout having to pay for each lookup.

You probably already guessed it - conduct a reverse cell phone search for each number you wrote down and write out the info you find out. After you have run a search for each telephone number, have a look at your results and look for any questionable names or telephone call activity. If anything questionable is occurring, it will stand out.

This trick is the fastest way to find out if your partner is cheating on you. It's a fast and good method to get the information your need.




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