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Dating Tips: 5 Signs He is Interested in You


dating Women hate rejection. Its one thing for a man to be rejected, but let’s face it: for females it’s a much less frequent occurrence, making it all the more horrific when it happens. There are of course non confrontational ways to approach or pick up men, such as going speed dating, or giving online dating a try. Though they offer less pressure, no matter how you play it, there will inevitably be some threat of potential rejection at some point.

Unfortunately, rejection is a part of life.

Fortunately, much of it can be avoided.

If you pay attention to body language and other behaviors, you can begin to develop a sixth sense for picking up any romantic interest directed your way. Learning to read the cues of a person interested in you will lower your rejection rate, and improve your dating stats.

Male or female, singles are most often far too indirect or shy in directing their romantic interest. We often send mixed messages because we have no idea what is going on in our own heads, let alone in someone else’s. What’s needed is a clear set of cues that let you know when a guy is interested.

Signs He Is Interested:

  1. He’s everywhere: Have you ever met someone, and all the sudden you are seeing him everywhere? Chances are he liked you. When a guy likes you, he will do everything he can to get you to notice him. Whether it’s stopping by because he was “in the neighborhood” or calling because he forgot some miniscule detail you talked about, a guy who likes you will manage to appear as often as possible in an attempt to gage your opinion of him.
  2. He mimics you. Studies show that when you are attracted to someone, you begin to pick up similar habits, mannerisms, and vocabulary. Kind of creepy, kind of cute, remember that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. If you notice him using your catch phrase, giving the same facial gestures, or using your jokes, chances are he’s into you.
  3. He shares his personal space. Men are notoriously territorial. Typically, they need at least a shoulder width between them and anyone they interact with. If you notice him letting you get closer than that, by his own choice, it’s a sign that he is interested in letting you get closer to him.
  4. He makes eye contact with you. Eye contact is important for gauging honesty and trust in another person. Remember, eyes are the window to the soul, and if he has no problem in meeting and holding your gaze, chances are he’s honestly into you. It’s also a mild challenge, challenging you to try him out both romantically and sexually.
  5. He listens. Men generally do not like to discuss the ins and outs of most things if they don’t have to. More direct than women, men use what is called “report” talk versus the “rapport” talk of women. So if you notice he is listening to you (actually listening, and providing poignant feedback) you can bet that he is interested in you. Trust me, a man wouldn’t listen to you go on about the new season’s hottest accessories if he wasn’t.


Dev D’s Paro “Mahi Gill” on ramp


India Fashion

India Fashion

Meditation helps build stronger brains

A new study has confirmed what many people believed: meditation helps increase

gray matter.

Meditation helps build stronger brains A research team from University of California, Los Angeles scanned the brains of people who meditate and found that certain regions in the brains of long-term meditators were larger than in a similar control group.

Meditators showed significantly larger volumes of the hippocampus and areas within the orbito-frontal cortex, the thalamus and the inferior temporal gyrus - all known for regulating emotions.

"We know that people who consistently meditate have a singular ability to cultivate positive emotions, retain emotional stability and engage in mindful behaviour," said Eileen Luders, lead author and a postdoctoral research fellow at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging.

"The observed differences in brain anatomy might give us a clue why meditators have these exceptional abilities," Luders added.

During the study, the research team looked at 44 people. Half were asked to practice various forms of meditation such as Zazen, Samatha and Vipassana and the other half acted as the control group.

More than half of all the meditators said that deep concentration was an essential part of their practice, and most meditated between 10 and 90 minutes every day.

The brains of the meditators showed larger volumes of the right hippocampus and increased gray matter in the right orbito-frontal cortex, the right thalamus and the left inferior temporal lobe. Because these areas of the brain are closely linked to emotion, Luders said, "these might be the neuronal underpinnings that give meditators'''' the outstanding ability to regulate their emotions and allow for well-adjusted responses to whatever life throws their way."
The study is published in the journal NeuroImage.

Indian bridal make-up guide II


bridal make up-jewellery guide II

Base: Dab on white essential foundation by Chanel to give the face a natural glow, then nib down smootllly towards the neck to draw the attention effortlessly toward .
Eyes: Sweep red and bronze shimmer by Urban Decay along the lid, and a smog green along die browline to create the autumn dew effect. Then apply a smooth line of Chanel liquid before topping it off with Max Factor mascara.
Lips: Create- soft, sensual lips by applying a creamy rose lipstick by Chanel and define them with an Elizabeth Arden lipliner. 
Hair: Part hair into three sections and carefully backcomb the top to create a quiff  of the hair back and pin it up to allow it to sit comfortably under the clupatta. - AWI

Indian Bridal wear collection by Chhabra555


 Indian bridal collection1 lehnga   Indian bridal collection12 Sari Indian bridal Sari Indian bridal collection Sai Indian bridal collection4 Sari Indian bridal collection5 Sari Indian bridal collection6 Sari Indian bridal collection7 Sari Indian bridal collection8 Sari Indian bridal collection9 Indian bridal collection10 Indian bridal collection11

Why people want to lose weight?


woman_weight_loss Weight Loss is the most common reason that an individual will start to a diet. Whether it is to become more physically fit, comfortable, more attractive or for health benefits, losing weight is indeed a positive change in many people’s lives. In some instances, losing weight can even save lives. For those who struggle in the battle of weight loss, may even come across many stereotypes or statements that heightens your determination of losing weight.

I have asked many people who are or has been on a diet and the reasons why they choose to lose weight are:
Appearance: Many people have self-esteem issues when it comes to their weight. For some men, their weight problem may not attract a person to him. For some women, it is the same. Women are more conscience of their appearance. They want to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Both sex, may feel that if weight is loss, a new or existing relationship would strengthen.

Break The Stereotype: There are stereotypes that are forced upon people who are overweight. Some people that are overweight, is looked at as if they are unhappy, tired, or lazy. I have heard some state, "I'd hate to be that person." Many reasons why a person chooses to lose weight, is to break this stereotype. An overweight person has the self-esteem to endure the weight loss process. Therefore, losing weight makes the individual feel much better physically and mentally.

Health Reasons: Many people want to lose weight in order to physically feel better. A person may be 5 pounds overweight. Or a person may be 20 pounds overweight. The main goal here, is to shed off that excess weight. There are millions of people in America who are ill. By losing weight, this may deter heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, strokes, and diabetes. The chance to diet, eat healthy, and lose weight is a positive option.

Better Employment: It seems as if our appearance, also helps to determine our employment status. People may want to lose weight before that great interview. To look your best at an interview, creates a positive first impression. When you walk in the room for the interview, you are seen to have confidence and a glow about yourself. When interviewed, the employer may judge by looks. The notion of being overweight, may tie into the employee being possibly lazy and a unhappy worker. Therefore, this is another good reason why people want to lose weight.

Clothing: Many people tend to have a closet or closets full of garments. Some may even have clothes which was kept from 10 to 15 years ago. Those clothes may have shown a special quality, feature, or made the person feel good about themselves. So the choice to lose weight, is undoubtedly a decision one makes. They may want to once again, fit into the clothing and feel the youth they had 10 to 20 years ago. We notice this happens around the time of our class reunion.
Another reason to lose weight, may be the savings of buying new clothes. A lot of people may buy a suit or dress that fits very nice. A year later, that same suit or dress may be too small. To buy clothing every year, will add up, which means money is being spent. For this reason, people become very motivated to lose weight.

Save Money on Travel: Nowadays, people who are overweight or so called obese, are punished. On some airlines, a person who is overweight and cannot fit in the planes' single chair, can possibly be charged a double fee. An individual may seem fit to lose weight in order to save him or herself money.

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight. Looking better and feeling good about themselves is terrific. Having a plan and setting a routine is the first big step in losing weight. Yet, there are a lot reasons why people fail the battle of weight loss.

To successfully hit your weight loss goal, I have done an extensive research and discovered to my surprise, the biggest mistakes on why people fail at losing weight. I also have learned that you can possibly learn from other people's mistakes, which will make your fight against obesity much easier.


Bebo in FHM now


We have recently see bebo on the cover page of ELLE May 2009, now once again bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor can be see in FHM India May 2009.

Kareen kapoor in FHM Kareen kapoor in FHM 1 Kareen kapoor in FHM 2 Kareen kapoor in FHM 3

Shopping Tips for Designer Shoes


slingback_shoes Designer shoes are an integral part of any well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. On a deeper, psychological level, shoes can often reflect the wearer’s personality and can be a real boost to the wearer’s self-confidence and the image that you want to portray to the rest of the world. The high street has plenty of options to choose from, but if you’re looking for something different, shopping online for ladies shoes is a quick, easy and often much cheaper option than spending hours searching through racks of similar designs in a high street store.

Style is nothing without a good fit, so the first thing to think about isn’t the look – it’s comfort. Designer shoes don’t have to hurt your feet (and it’s usually the cheaper copies that cause blisters and rubbed heels). You can still find a classic pair of designer shoes that give you both comfort and style. There are plenty of top designers to choose from, each with their own, unique signature styles and with a plethora of names to pick from one thing can be guaranteed - there’s something out there for every taste.

From boots to mules, slingbacks to stilettos, designer shoes offer the discerning shopper the chance to not only include a sexy stilettos black patent leather stylish pair of designer shoes in their wardrobe – they can also be a good financial investment as well. Designer shoes are by their very nature of a far better quality than the cheap and cheerful high street designs. The quality of material is better, the shoes are individually crafted by hand rather than stamped out on a production line, and attention to detail is far more intense than you would find in a budget pair of ladies shoes. The designer’s reputation hangs on every pair of shoes sold, so obviously they want each pair to enhance that reputation rather than diminish it. As a result, a pair of designer shoes will last much longer, are the epitome of style over fashion and are far more likely to fit your foot properly.
The fit is vital. A good-looking pair of designer shoes is useless if they don’t fit properly. If the shoe doesn’t fit, not only will it be uncomfortable but it’ll look less than perfect as well. If the shoe is too tight it can over time damage the delicate bones of the feet and even cause back problems if it has a high heel. If you’re going to spend good money on investing in a pair of designer shoes, it makes sense to ensure that the fit is perfect. Online stores that carry designer shoes often have a much wider variety of fittings, widths and sizes, so check your size accurately before buying to make sure you get the most out of your designer shoes.

So you’ve sorted out the right size and fit – now it’s a matter of choosing the right style. This all depends on personal choice and preference, but the two obvious choices are flats or heels. Heels elongate the leg and can be extremely slimming. You don’t have to go for sky-high stilettos, though. A classy pair of low kitten heels can give you just enough lift to make a skirt look more elegant, a business suit more sophisticated or a pair of jeans a little more feminine. High heels are the ultimate in glamour, perfect for combining with more formal evening wear or a glamorous party dress. With high heels the emphasis is on looks but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort as well. Even with stilettos, the basic rules about fit and width remain the same.

The season can also dictate the style you choose. For summer wear, a pair of open toed sandals or the classic slingback is a popular choice and all designers include summer styles in their ranges. Again, it’s entirely down to personal choice but the most popular styles usually include a low kitten heel to add extra glamour to a more casual style.

Finally, when choosing designer shoes, make sure that you deal with websites that are registered as official outlets of the designer you’re interested in. This way you can avoid being conned into buying cheap imitations and make sure that your perfect pair of designer shoes is the genuine article.


Summer stylish kurti collection by Rupalionline





white kurta with black thread embroidery on it

Another stylish kurti by rupalionline, with satin patch over borders and black resham embroidery with a new style.

Manish Malhotra’s Gitanjali fashion show II


Manish malhotra 12 Manish malhotra 13 Manish malhotra 14

Manish Malhotra’s Gitanjali fashion show


Manish malhotra 11 Manish malhotra 1 Manish malhotra 2 Manish malhotra 3 Manish malhotra 4  Manish malhotra 6Manish malhotra 5 Manish malhotra 7 Manish malhotra 8 Manish malhotra 9 Manish malhotra 10



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