Friday, August 28, 2009

Indian Bridal collection I


indian bridal collection 1

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Beutiful Churidaar suits by


2-5740B.JPEG 2-5740BA 2-5740C

Amalgamation of traditional and contemporary design showcased in deep maroon antiq jal banarasi brocade tight filtted kurta with crystal encrushed shoulder straps daman and waist belt creating half n half effect with detailed low back worn over matching crepe-de-chine churidar and net dupatta.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tiny Lifestyle Tweaks




Do you drink diet sodas? Or chew gum to stop yourself from snacking? Both these habits may be doing more harm than you think. Sodas are aerated and when you chew gum, you tend to swallow more often than you normally would. Part of what you are swallowing is air, which bloats up your stomach. Drinking aerated drinks through a straw is even worse. Eating food slowly will help, because gulping food means you're swallowing excess air.

Walk Straight

Do you walk with a hunch or slouch in your seat? Slouching accentuates belly fat. So correct your posture and you can lose inches immediately. Stand up straight, hold your stomach in - this will strengthen your abs and stop that roll of fat from bulging out. Maintaining a good posture will take away inches from your stomach and your waist, and add to your height and confidence too.

Loosen your Belt

The self explanatory 'tight pants syndrome' not only reduces circulation, leading to a headache, but can also cause acid reflux and heartburn.

It could also lead to build-up of gas in the intestines. So loosen that belt and feel less bloated.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New arrivals: Anarkali designs at



TOP & BOTTOM 100 % COTTON DUPATTA 100 % POLYESTER Cotton crush block print kurta with contrast brocade blouse with padded bra along with resham work & tikki work accompanied with contrast chudidar & block print shadded dupatta


100 % Polyester Georgette liined dancing style crush kurta with antique tikki, podth & cut-dana work contrast heavy jacket with butter crape chudidar & lisa dupatta

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bollywood celebrities in sari


sushmita sen in sari aishwarya in sari Aiswarya_Rai amrita in black stylish sari amrita in black stylish sari 2 deepika padukone in sari deepika padukone in sari1 deepika padukone in sari2 deepika padukone in sari3 deepika padukone in sari23 rani mukharjee in sari shilpa in indian ethnic sari

Monday, June 8, 2009

Desi spunk by Sunday mag


red anarkali kameez with green churidaar white embroidered kurti with multi color salwar 373_fashion_d anarkali in crushed fabric with frilled border desi spunk by sunday

Asin in Anarkali suit


asin in anarkali

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mumbai’s luxury sweep


priyanka Yippee! Mumbai’s in for a big chunk of good news. (As published in Times of India)

It’s going to do the highest amount of business in the last quarter of this year than it did in the rest. Here’s why: Govt run Fashion and Design Promotion Council has opted for Mumbai over Delhi to host luxury event ‘Luxurion World’ in mid-Aug’09. Also, kicking off the second year of Inida Couture Week in Mumbai, Delhi-based Fashion Design Council of India is busy negotiating the final round of talks with title sponsor Sunny Dewan.

Vijay K Singh, CEO of FDPC confirmed saying, “Yes, we are all set to host a luxurious, by-invitation-only, high profile event called ‘Luxurion World’ in Mumbai from Aug 14, 15 and 16. This event has been organised in association with Maharashtra Economic Development Council.”

Meanwhile, Sunil Sethi, President of FDCI affirmed, “We are finalising our dates to announce second year of India Couture Week in Mumbai which will be held in September this year. Last year, we did good business by bringing together India’s best couturiers at a single platform. Thus, this year too, we are going ahead with the same. It’s only the dates of monsoons and Ganesh Utsav in Mumbai that will aid in the final dates.”

Incidentally, this is the the second time where FDCI will host a show in Mumbai while this will be the very first time where FDPC will be involved directly with an event in Mumbai. Incidentally, both have luxury as its prime platform. As TOI

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Style watch from Sunday


style watch

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Men Hope a Lover Will Enhance Their Sexual Arousal


AA033051 It's relatively easy for a woman to figure out that men want sex... but they also want to be loved and appreciated through their sexual relationship.

  • Men's sexual arousal is usually easy and immediate. Despite the evidence to the contrary they like to hope that a woman feels the same way about sex that they do.
  • A man can feel that sex represents the most important way of demonstrating that he loves his partner.
  • At the same time, he perceives a woman's enthusiasm for sex with him as confirmation of her love for him.
  • If a man wanted a loving, sexless relationship with a woman he would never have left his mother.

Men need sex, both physiologically and emotionally, more than women. Men's relationships with others are not as emotionally intimate as women's tend to be. So a man looks to the woman in his life for the emotional support he needs and sex is the mechanism that men use to express their loving emotions.

How to pleasure a man
From early on, the sensitive female lover learns how to pleasure a man, co-operating quite instinctively during intercourse by moving with the man's rhythm.

She also learns how to play along with men's sexual fantasies and acts out the part of the appreciative and responsive lover in order to help him reach orgasm. Sometimes a woman may caress her lover's body or make encouraging noises to enhance the man's arousal. Some women even exaggerate their sexual arousal to the point of faking orgasm.

This explains why in the film 'The Duchess', Keira Knightley playing the virgin bride, lies inert as her husband thrusts into her on their wedding night. Women only learn over time that responding as a lover encourages the male orgasm that nearly always ends sexual activity between a man and a woman.

A woman appreciates that if she continues to be unmoved by her partner's love-making, her man will feel that he is failing to please her or that she does not love him. By contrast, the mistress in the film has learned to make the appreciative noises that sexually experienced women often use as a male turn-on during sex.

"The fact is, we usually co-operate quite extensively during intercourse in order for the man to be able to orgasm. We move along with his rhythm, keep our legs apart and our bodies in positions that make penetration and thrusting possible, and almost never stop intercourse in midstream unless the man has had his orgasm." (p107 The Hite Reports 1993)

Unless a woman learns how to orgasm during sex with a partner, the role of the female lover can become burdensome in long-term sexual relationships. Even if a man never explicitly acknowledges the assistance of a female lover, a woman has the reward of knowing that she has helped her partner find the sexual release that is so vital to his happiness.

From a woman's perspective, making effort to be more involved in 'love-making' reduces the sense of uselessness that arises from participating in a sexual act in which (without the woman's sexual arousal and orgasm) the woman is effectively merely a bystander.


How to Easily Lose 20 Pounds in 3-4 Weeks or 30 Days!

lose 20 pounds in 30 days

Wait! Did you know that 9 in 10 people will put some or all of the lost weight back on again! I will provide an answer to this puzzle as well if you have been seeking out a way to lose 20 pounds in 3 Weeks, then I have a surprise for you! Make sure to read closely because I plan to explain to you exactly how it can be done easily and effortlessly. Best of all the results you get from this method of weight loss do not rebound as other diets do, because it does what no other diet does, it targets your metabolism.

So How Can I Begin to Lose 20 Pounds Easily in 3 Weeks?

Its simply really, its called calorie shifting and all it asks of you is to eat! Ok I'll admit it isn't that simple, but unlike any other diet you can actually eat a normal amount of food. The trick to calorie shifting is the way in which you eat. You see this system of eating is so sophisticated as it maximizes the times your body burns the most calories of a certain type and convinces your body to burn more of those calories. It also works to constantly switch up your diet and create something called metabolic confusion where your body doesn't fall into the trap of a comfort zone where it doesn't feel compelled to burn fat.

Calorie Shifting Keeps Burning Fat for You!

Essentially by calorie shifting and creating this metabolic confusion you are sending a message to your body to keep burning fat. The reason people experience the rebound effect from most diets is because eating low calories also lowers your metabolism, it attunes itself to it in a way. The problem is with most diets is once you decide to begin eating a normal diet again you are now stuck with an even slower metabolism. With calorie shifting your metabolism will be far more active and most people who try calorie shifting actually find that they continue to burn fat for weeks following a diet.


Fashion this week in Sunday Mag


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Sabyasachi’s LFW collection II


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