Friday, May 8, 2009

Koena & Tanushree: Best friends turn foes

Koena & Tanushree

They say that two actresses can’t be friends but Tanushree Dutta and Koena Mitra proved this saying wrong by their strong friendship. But the latest is that the two Bong hotties are not in talking terms anymore.

Koena and Tanushree used to flaunt their friendship but in the current situation, they can’t even stand each other. Interestingly these two actresses who used to party, shop, hang out together are avoiding crossing each others path.
When asked, Tanushree informed us that there’s no problem between them but she is not in touch with Koena who used to be her good friend once upon a time. Tanushee said, “There’s no fight or any issues between us. But it’s been long that I am not in touch with Koena. We are not in talking terms. We used to be friends before but we are not friends now.” Hmm... it seems these two actresses will never be friends again. – (Source)

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