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Priyanka Chopra in cineblitz magazine


priyanka in cineblitz

Rabia Butt does a fashion photo shoot


Rabia Butt does a fashion photo shoot for Sana and Safinaz cruise collection. That featured on Pakistani fashion Magazine Sunday. Which they showed for ensemble. The inspiration behind it was to create a resort collection.


rabia-butt-07 rabia-butt-02 rabia-butt-03 rabia-butt-04 rabia-butt-05 rabia-butt-06

Zara Sheikh: Summer Fashion - Sunday Magazine


Zara Sheikh a big name of Pakistani fashion world. Model done another fashion photo shoot for Weekly fashion magazine Sunday. She dressed in summer collection of designer Selina Warda. The collection is based on cuts reminiscent of the yesteryear. What was old is new again!

zara-sheikh-sunday-fashion-05 zara sheikh sunday fashion zara-sheikh-sunday-fashion zara-sheikh-sunday-fashion-02 zara-sheikh-sunday-fashion-03 zara-sheikh-sunday-fashion-04

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Be The Woman He Wants


Author: Melissa Haworth



Just broke up with your boyfriend? Are you still in love

with him that you are looking for ways to help you get

back with your ex boyfriend?


The desire to get back with an ex boyfriend is normal. It goes to show that you are still madly in love with your ex that you can't imagine a life without him. Break ups are painful. And it's the pain of thinking about the times you've spent together that makes you want them to get back with you. And because of the strong desire to get back with them, you tell yourself that you are ready to do anything to fulfill your desire.

But how do you do it? An ex boyfriend who wouldn't return your calls or messages isn't going to help your relationship progress. You need to think of a way to make them listen to you, or even look at you. I've known some women who have resorted to different ways to get their ex boyfriends back, but what I've noticed is that the methods they used entailed a lot of effort.

ExBoyfriend back Most of the time, these women had to experience some setbacks or wait some time before they achieved their goal. But you don't want to experience setbacks or wait for a long time. You want to get back with your ex now.
Here's where I can help you.

If you want to get back with your ex boyfriend without much hassle, listen up to what I'm about to say and I can guarantee you that you will have your ex boyfriend back in no time.

Here is the secret to getting back with your ex the hassle-free way: get a makeover.
Boys will be boys. They will always be enthralled by a beautiful, sexy, and appealing woman. It doesn't matter if your ex boyfriend has seen you during your best and worst hair day. Now that you've broken up, you can turn the hurt and pain into something positive.

Head to the gym. Lose all the unwanted fat and tone those muscles. Then go to the parlor and get a new haircut, or hair color. It would also help if you can pick up some new tricks up your sleeve like learning a bit of foreign language, new sport, or even cooking. It could be anything as long as it's something you enjoy and lifts your spirits. Enjoying life is the ultimate attraction for your ex boyfriend.

Once you have a more toned and healthier body, a new hair style, and a more confident aura, you're ready to win back your ex boyfriend. Actually, you don't have to do anything else. Leave it all up to your new look.
For sure, other guys will notice the hot, sexy chick. Guys will drool over you; and if other guys get attracted to you, there's no way your ex won't take notice. There are two scenarios here:

  1. Your ex boyfriend will realize how beautiful you are and how much of a mistake it is to let you go.
  2. Your boyfriend will suddenly become defensive and possessive. He will get jealous of the other guys showering you with attention. He'll feel the need to mark his territory and show all these men that you're his.

You win in each of these situations. Either way, you will get him back.
If you've just had a break up, there's a little more to the process than looking hot, although that helps!
Thankfully there's a very effective solution that will help you raise your attractiveness from 0 - 9 or 10 to your ex!
Let me show you exactly what to say and do to win back your ex girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband's attention, mind and heart - even if there's someone else.


Stop Your Divorce Now - When You're Headed For A Split



If this is your situation, here's what you can do to stop your divorce.
How To Stop Your Divorce
1. Empower your partner:
A marriage that is not on equal footing will eventually fall apart. If any one of the partners has more power, for instance - he/she is the one who always make all the important decisions, is not open to suggestions from the other partner, or their word is law - then such a marriage won't work.
Thus, to keep your marriage strong, you have to make it such that both the partners feel that their opinion matters. I'm not suggesting that you will suddenly begin to see eye to eye on everything, but at least both of you can have your say and then find a solution that is mutually acceptable.
2. Never sleep on a fight: Yes, you've heard that one before. But do you actually follow the advice? No matter how small or silly the argument seems, you should talk and resolve it before going to bed. If left unresolved, even small things can fester and before you know it you start to resent your partner or vice versa. Thus, make sure you sort out any disagreements before they are blown out of proportion.
3. Don't fight dirty: So your partner has really hurt you bad. But that still does not make it ok for you to fight dirty. If you're in a fight, make sure you stick to the topic at hand and don't rake up past issues that have nothing to do with why you're fighting.
Name calling and hitting below the belt are huge no-nos too. Also, you need to be careful what you say in 'jest' also as it could be extremely hurtful to your partner. The way you fight when issues crop up will make the difference between a strong and a weak marriage.
Want a complete proven system to restore your marriage once and for all? You don't have to fork out hundreds or even thousands for marriage counseling.
I want to share with you this effective strategy that will help you win back your husband or wife - even if you're the only one trying!

Minissha Lamba The Man Magazine Cover Scan


minissha lamba on cover page of The Man magazine Bollywood beautiful actress Minissha Lamba graces the The Man Magazine India for the month of May 2009. Don’t blame the weather its Minissha turning on the heat.

Shilpa Shetty in churidaar


shilpa shetty dubai club Shilpa Shetty seems to have traded fashion camps and instead of Tarun Tahiliani opts for yet another Manish Malhotra outfit at the Dubai club with her beloved Louis Vuitton limelight clutch. This ensemble was a part of Manish's collection at the 08 India Couture Week.

How harmful is alcohol during pregnancy


Thinking of my angelAlcohol is sure to harm the developing baby, though no body knows for sure the extent of damage. It is always advisable for pregnant women to play it safe by keeping away from alcohol during those crucial nine months.Steering clear of alcohol is indeed the wisest option to make, if you are really concerned about your baby’s health.

It is not practical to decide on a safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. This level will vary from one woman to another. The rate in which the body of each pregnant woman metabolizes alcohol is different. The impact of alcohol drinking is found to be more in women who are exposed to cigarette smoke and ‘caffeinated’ drinks. Pregnant women who take in an improperly balanced or poorly nutritional diet are also found to be more prone to the harmful hazards of alcohol.

As a pregnant woman drink alcohol, it reaches the developing baby within no time through the blood stream, across the placenta. Women who are exposed to intensified alcohol consumption, such as more than two units of alcohol per day, are more likely to give birth to kids suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Children with this syndrome are likely to be retarded, both mentally and physically. They are also more vulnerable to behavioral disorders and coronary ailments.

Babies born to women who take in more than two units of alcohol a day during the pregnant months are also likely to face troubles in learning speech and imbibing language. While some kids with the syndrome finds it difficult to focus their attention for long, some others are hyperactive.

If you simply cannot avoid the beverage, however hard you try, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist and try replacing alcohol with an occasional glass of wine or beer. You can also try experimenting other stress-relief measures such as a warm bath, soft music, a massage, exercise etc.

How to Curl Your Eyelashes


eyelashesEyes are regarded as the ‘window to the soul’ of an individual. In fact, whenever you meet an individual, eyes are amongst the first features that come into notice. No wonder, women make use of so many eye cosmetics, such as eye shadow, eyeliner, eye pencil, mascara, and so on, while applying makeup on their face. In case you are as well a woman and fond of eye makeup, you must be aware of the appeal that properly curled eyelashes hold. It is with the aim of helping females get the ideal ‘curled eyelash’ look that we have written this piece of writing. Go through the directions on how to curl your eyelashes.

Most excellent way of Curling the Eyelashes

Supplies Needed

  • Mirrors
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Brush
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelash Curlers
  • Mascara


  • The foremost thing that you need to do is apply an eye shadow, with the help of eye brush, in a shade that matches with your setup.
  • After you have applied the eye shadow, it is the time to make use of eyeliner and let it dry totally.
  • Now is the moment to curl your eyelashes. However, earlier than doing that, confirm your lashes are clean as well as dry.
  • Take the eyelash curler in your hand and open it totally. Go behind this, place your upper lashes inside the mouth of the curler.
  • After that will comprise of closing your eye slightly and then opening it once more, to make sure that all the lashes move into the curler’s mouth.
  • At the moment, hold the eyelash curler in such a system that its mouth stands almost parallel to your lashes.
  • Bring the curler nearer to the lashes, till the time you feel that it is almost touching the base of the lashes. However, it should not get nearer over the skin of your eyelid.
  • Slowly begin closing the curler, while keeping eye open all the time. As you force down the curler, the eyelashes should spread out evenly across the upper bar.
  • If, by any possibility, you feel that the curler is pinching the skin of your eyelid, read just it immediately.
  • Keeping your hand and face firm and stable, hold the curler in the close position for a slow count of 5.
  • In case you would like to add some more volume to the eyelashes, do again the curling steps once again.
  • In the last step, you need to apply mascara on the eyelashes. Do again all the above steps with the other eye as well.

Kurti Design Collection


White Cotton Kurti Style White Cotton with Brocade Patch Style booti Frilled White Golden Polka Dots Green Embroiderd Kurti Yellow cotton Kurta

Courtesy: Cbazaar

Churidaar Suits collection IV


Pintucks, Embroidery and patch mix design Laced shirt with beautiful off shoulder sleeve design Multicolor patched shirt with patched duppata Cotton shirt with light dupatta patched on shirt and pyjami

Courtesy :  Cbazaar Collection.

Churidaar Suits Collection III


Churidaar with crossed mirror work & cuttwork border. Heavy Cotton cuttwork shirt with printed duppata. Booti work on shirt with embroidered border duppata. Mirror Work all over with Key Hole Neckline

Churidaar Suits Collection II


Embroiderd Churidaar Pyjami Suit Cotton in Trend Dori

Salwar Kameez Collection II


Thread Embroiderd Band neck Embroiderd Shirt & Salwar Falsa Fancy Sleeve Floral Shirt with Green Thread Embroiderd Salwar Kameez Jaal

Salwar Kameez Collection


White Embroiderd Chikankari Shirt with Salwar

Chicken & Cotton Combination suit

If you like these dresses or want to buy same one, please comment or mail me.

Anarkali Suit


Anarkali Suit Yoked Anarkali

If you like these dresses or want to have the same one please comment or mail me.



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