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Breakfast for a slimmer you!

breakfast of muesli Is your expanding waistline giving you nightmares? Well, take heart. Researchers have found that a breakfast of muesli with milk, tinned peaches and yoghurt can help weight loss.

Experts at the University of Nottingham suggest that the low GI breakfast with apple juice helps the body break down fat better than a high Glycaemic Index start to the day of sugary cereal and white toast, reports The Daily Express .

Scientists discovered that the type of food you eat before exercise can directly impact on your health. A study led by Dr Emma Stevenson looked at young women after an overnight fast. In one study period they were given a breakfast of food known to cause large rises in blood glucose – those with a high GI, including cornflakes and milk, white bread and jam and a fizzy, sugary drink.

In another period, they breakfasted on food with a low GI, although both breakfasts had the same amount of calories, carbohydrate, fat and protein. The low GI breakfast was muesli, milk, tinned peaches, yoghurt and apple juice. Three hours after eating, the women walked for an hour on a treadmill. A lunch – the same in both study periods – was then provided. Throughout the day blood samples and samples of expired air were taken.

From analyses, researchers found blood glucose levels were higher after the high GI breakfast than the low one, and had returned to normal by the time the women began to exercise. However, plasma free fatty acids (FFA) – which show the amount of fat used up for energy – began to rise two hours after the low GI breakfast, the researchers found. Exercise then led to a rapid increase in FFAs in both groups – but concentrations were higher in the low GI group. After lunch the concentration of FFAs was the same in both groups, but overall fat oxidation was higher in the low GI group than the high GI group.

Dr Stevenson said: “We concluded that consuming a low GI breakfast increases fat oxidation both at rest and during subsequent exercise. A low GI breakfast also had an impact on appetite, with test subjects feeling fuller for longer after they’d eaten these types of foods.” - TOI

Sunglasses, this season


Soha ali khan The 70s look is back in vogue. With sunglasses too. And, especially, coloured rim shades. Nobody wears it better than Bollywood. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Kangna Ranaut hold their heads high off the sets while Mumbai’s swish set of society ladies like Avanti Birla, Anju Taraporewala, Ramona Narang take the trend to the racecourse and brunches with equal elan.

Eyewear brands are placing their bet this season on oversized sunglasses which come with a signature rim. Coloured rims, some encrusted with Swarowski crystals, some with pointy edges, shades with butterfly or cupid motif on the arms, are instant hits.

Salil Chaturvedi of Provogue eyewear says, “It’s exciting to see people experimenting with sunglasses. No one’s playing safe by going the regular cliched way. Sunglasses are a reflection of one’s attitude and so the shape, size and colour are completely out-of-the-box, yet very wearable.” Agreed, for style icon Saif Ali Khan, whose sunglasses are often made-to-order, now sports his pair with a coloured thin red rim.

Giving a thumb-ups to Aishwarya’s white rimmed bumblebee shades, Yogesh Shah of Mojo eyewear emphasises, “White rims are really in. In fact, coloured rims like red and amber are fast catching up. The best news is that fashionable eyewear is no longer too expensive. Even collegians can flaunt the new-age look quite comfortably.”

Actress Soha Ali Khan, who is a big fan of laminates, is gung-ho about yellow coloured lenses in oversized frames. In fact, laminates is another trend which has set in this season. Thanks to the Dev D look of actor Abhay Deol, laminates have gone down well with men too. “Tommy Hilfiger has a limited edition of teardrop shaped laminates which capture the summer feel fairly well,” says Soha.

Deepak Agarwal of Kazo eyewear, celebrating the return of the 70s look, says, “Go the Zeenat Aman, Sharmila Tagore and Parveen Babi way by grabbing your pair of white rimmed sunglasses. It’s the coolest way to beat the glare.”

Indian Bridal Jewellery


bridal jewellery bridal jewellery 1 bridal jewellery 2 bridal jewellery 3 bridal jewellery 4 bridal jewellery 5 bridal jewellery 6 bridal jewellery 7

Kasam Se girl Bani’s photoshoot


prachi desayi photoshoot prachi desayi photoshoot 1 prachi desayi photoshoot 2 prachi desayi photoshoot 3 prachi desayi photoshoot 4 prachi desayi photoshoot 5

What to look for in a parlour


facial masthead Reputation: Check   out  the   reputation   of  its consultants, dermatologists or therapists. Are they trained?  Do  they  have  a  license?  Are there  any testimonials on display? Referrals are a must.

Hygiene: Vital. How clean is it? Look at the towels, the combs, the basins, even the nails of the attendants. Find out. Do a recce first. Don't take chances. Sterilization is a must. An infection could mar you for life.

Clientele: If there are no regulars or repeats, avoid. Happy customers always return. Guard against a high turnover or even a very slow one.

Need: Keep your needs in mind. One parlor may be good for haircuts, another for skin care. Choose accordingly.

Price: Plays an important role, admittedly, but should never be your only criterion. A branded clinic will definitely be more expensive than a neighborhood parlor, but the services may be equally superior. Also, never hesitate to ask the rate before taking the treatment. Find out if there are hidden costs, like taxes. You will pay, so you have a right to know.

Products: Are the skin and hair products in use reputed? Even these are not a fool-proof guarantee, but cheap products compromise on quality to keep the price low and can cause allergies.

Equipment: Has to be sterilized, clean and efficient. An unclean metal foot beautyscraper could lead to serious disease. If a razor is used, make sure the blades are changed in front of you.

Location: Needs to be suitably located. But this swings your choice in favor of the parlor only if all other criteria are met.

Trends: While ifs important that you dont follow fads blindly, it's equally important that your parlor is up there with the latest. Just in case!

The staff:  Should  be clean,  well-trained and experienced. Friendly, accommodating and confident, but not   condescending, indifferent and intimidating.

Who looks beautiful in Blue?

Which bollywood actress did you like in blue sari? Please comment.

sushmita sen in blue vidaya balan in blue Katrina in blue madhuri in blue Rani mukherji in blue

Dev D star Chanda at launch of Anjalee & Arjun


Dev D's Chanda (Kalki) with Anjalee Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor

Dev D star Chanda (Kalki) along with Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor at their store launch in New Delhi.

Freida Pinto on cover page of Cosmo Russia June 2009


Frieda on Cosmopolitan Russia cover page

Color your dress


Sketch your own dress 01 Sketch your own dress 02 Sketch your own dress 03 Sketch your own dress 04 Sketch your own dress 05 Sketch your own dress 06

Am interesting design idea to colored your dress, if you have any old black & white dress or white dress which you doesn’t wear because of its design or pattern, now we are introducing an innovative idea to redesign your dress with colors. All you do is have some colored pens or you if you are perfect with brushes you can use them too. I hope you find it interesting. See the picture.

Pure water is the essential fluid of life


Author: Jaspal

  • Pure water is essential fluid of lifePure water is the essential fluid of life, the solvent of our ills and the deliverer of a radiant long life.
  • Very obvious question comes to everybody’s mind “ How much water one should drink on daily basis ?” Answer is : You should drink water according to your needs. It depends on your stress level and weather conditions.
  • The amount of water your body requires in a day is 3 times of the amount of urine you are passing in a day.
  • You should drink more water in the first half of the day and reduce the water intake in the second half of the day, as comfortably as you can.
  • You should always drink water ‘before’ your tea, coffee, wine, spirits, alchoholic drinks and anything stronger or pungent.
  • Avoid as much water or any other form of liquid during the meals as you can, except in case of emergency. You can drink water during the meals but it should not be a habit.
  • Amongst all other available forms of liquids, water is the only liquid which can be used by our body as it is, quickly and digested immediately.
  • It  helps in diluting the blood, which further helps in better circulation and digestion.
  • Avoid drinking water immediately before going to bed.

The art of relaxation


Ruchi Mehta Designer Ruchi Mehta's Summer Collection invites you to get into soft, fun silhouettes

The Spring-Summer collection of designer Ruchi Mehta's label Salt AT: A: the exclusive Ruchi Mehta outlet at Kishagarh.Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

The 'Kick die addiction' collection, a series of playful silhouettes — wrap and shift dresses, tunics, tank tops and pyjama pants that are perfect for summer. The colour palette of powdery shades and prints in cool greens and blues in chiffons and georgettes are worked into cowls, ruches and puckers.

Sonam Kapoor joins L’Oreal Paris as ambassador


 Sonam kapoor on Loreal2 Sonam kapoor on Loreal3

World’s leading beauty brand L’Oreal Paris has announced Sonam Kapoor as a part of the L’Oréal Paris dream team. Raising the toast to celebrate the association, Sonam Kapoor was welcomed as the youngest member to join the L’Oréal Paris team that includes beauties such as Aishwarya Rai, Penelope Cruz, Naomi Lenoir, Andie MacDowell, Beyonce Knowles, Laetitia Casta, Kerry Washington, Milla Jovovich, Michelle Yeoh, Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson
According to L’Oreal, the values of the brand shine through in its choice of ambassadors from across the globe, Sonam Kapoor will now symbolise the synergy between superior products and outstanding personalities. Sonam will endorse products from the skin, makeup and hair care portfolio of L’Oreal Paris.

Speaking on this association, Vismay Sharma, director, consumer products division, L’Oreal India said, “With her talent, beauty and charisma, Sonam is highly aspirational and an ideal choice as the new L’Oreal Paris spokesperson for the Indian market.”

“The name L’Oreal Paris is immediately evocative of the brand’s signature phrase ‘Because I’m worth it’. The brand has been always been an inspiration, I love the brand because of the confidence it inspires in women through their products which combine path breaking technology and latest trends. Representing L’Oreal Paris as a woman and an artiste is an honour and a privilege, and the pleasure is mine!” added Sonam Kapoor.
2009 will be a highlight year for the L’Oreal Paris brand in India as both it’s spokespersons – the iconic Aishwarya Rai and Sonam will represent Indian beauty and talent oversees at the Cannes Film Festival alongside other members of the dream team.


Shahrukh khan with his family at his home Mannat


Shahrukh khan with his family at his home Mannat 1 Shahrukh khan with his family at his home Mannat

Shahrukh khan with his family at his home Mannat



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