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Indian bridal make-up guide IV


bridal make up-jewellery guide

Base: Because of the intricate detail on the outfit and the jewellery, it's important to keep the make-up understated. To smooth out the skin to give a flawless complexion, you can't go wrong with a blend Krvolan Foundation FS36 and 38.

Eyes: Antique green and golds, with just a hint of lilac to contrast with colours in the outfit has been applied underneath the eyes. The brow has been highlighted, with a soft gold applied to the corner of the eye.

Lips: A nude warm pink Mac makes a perfect compliment to the colours of the outfit.

Hair: Backcombed from the front to give height and volume, then pulled into the low bun preferred by the faishionista of the Mughal Empire, allowing the regal tikka to work its magic.

Indian bridal make-up guide III


Indian bridal makeup, jewellery & bridal dress 2

Base: Create flawless skin with a. glow of radiance injecting a dose of glamour onto the skin. Because the bride's outfit does most of the talking, if’s important to not to do overdo it - instead keep the emphasis on contouring to really bring out the cheekbones.

Drama is the key word here, with inspiration drawn from. Umrao jaan. The- idea here is to match the jewellery and outfit, with golds and browns applied to create the perfect matching shimmery effect necessary for maximum royal impact.

Lips: Gold and peach combine to keep the lips soft and subtle, yet unmistakably regal. Hair: The low bun and side parting peaking out of the dupatta gives the bride an unmistakable elegance.

Magic Wands


mascara brushesThe latest batch of mascara brushes come in all sorts of technical shapes and sizes, which would confuse even the most experienced make-up junkie. But don’t worry! To guide you through the mascara maze we’ve selected the key wand designs and figured out what they do. Follow our guide to make sure you’re in the know when it comes to dressing your lashes.

Bourjois Yes to Volume No to Clumps Mascara, £7.95
This separator comb smoothes the lashes from root to tip, building volume without clumping.

Bare Escentuals Big Tease, £13
(0870 850 6655)
A unique dual brush design singles out every eyelash for extra volume, length and definition.

LancĂ´me Fatale, £17.50
Its innovative configuration of 3 combs and 3 flat surfaces on this 3-D comb is the secret to creating instant volume and shape with evenly spaced lashes.

L’Oreal Telescope Mascara, £8.99
This flexible multi-comb wand with its spiral structure offers lash-by-lash separation. Its four rows of combs glide through the lashes and offer spectacular lengthening.

Giorgio Armani Maestro, £18
(020 7318 2486)
With four rows of thirty comb-like teeth, this applicator distributes in a single stroke just the right amount of mascara to effectively dress and separate lashes, and shape to precision.

Shu Uemura Precise Volume Mascara, £16
A pin-point, two-way brush allows for a precision layering effect without clumping.Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Clinique High Definition Lashes, £12.50
A specially designed, double-sided brush-comb applicator elongates lashes to great lengths. The revolutionary wand defines and singles out lashes you didn’t know you had.

Chanel Inimitable Mascara, £16.50
The elastomer, latex like bristles on this brush reaches even the finest lashes - even those easy to miss ones at the corner of the eyes.

Lash Aids
Remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara with Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser, £10.99
Clean away smudges after application with Shu Uemura Cotton Swabs £4.50


Late motherhood good for women


trend to late motherhood Researchers have found that women who have babies naturally in their 40s or 50s tend to live longer than other women so do their family members as the same genes prolong lifespan and female fertility.

"If women in your family give birth at older ages, you may well have a chance of living longer than you would otherwise. If you have a female relative who had children after age 45, then there may be some genetic benefit in your family that will enhance your longevity," lead author Ken R. Smith of Utah University said.

For descendants of the Utah and Quebec pioneers studied, "you may be able to look at the ages when your female ancestors gave birth -- rather than just their longevity – in estimating how long you may live," said Smith, whose study is published in 'Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences'.

Specifically, the study involved the records of 11,604 Utah men who were born between 1800 and 1869 and who had at least one sister who lived at least to age 50; and the records of 6,206 Quebec men who lived between 1670 and 1750, and had at least one sister who lived to 50 or older.

The study didn't address how much longevity is due to genetics, but Smith says scientists believe genes account for up to 25 per cent of differences in longevity.

Smith says the study focused on the longevity of brothers rather than sisters of late-fertile women because "men's own reproductive history doesn't get in the way of assessing the role of their female relatives' fertility". - HT

How to Fix Common Marriage Problems


marriage problems Relationships are complicated and of course problems are inevitable in any relationship like marriage. It is so disturbing to know the increasing rate of divorce case and you have to make sure that your marriage will not end in divorce. It is important that you know what to do to fix common marriage problems to avoid divorce. A failed marriage is the most painful thing that could happen to anyone. Here are some tips to save your marriage:

Communicate. Cold war and waiting for your spouse to do the first move or break the ice will not help your marriage. To fix common marriage problems, you both have to express your feelings. Be honest and express how you felt in a respectful manner. Avoid shouting and blaming each other. It is okay to get angry but do not hurt your spouse physically or verbally just to express your anger. As much as possible use the word "I" often than the word "you." For instance you can say, "I am upset to wait and eat alone at night" than saying "You are late again for dinner". There are respectful ways to communicate your feelings of hurt, embarrassment, disappointments without starting a fight. Learn to be more diplomatic and calm.

Apologize. Yes, there is nothing wrong to apologize when you have hurt your spouse. Admitting your mistakes is important if you want to fix common marriage problems. You will get amazed what a simple sorry can do to your marriage. The sincerity that you do not mean to hurt your spouse and that you are sorry for what you did can do wonders in your marriage.

Commit to take action. To fix common marriage problems, you have to walk the talk. Action speaks louder than words. If you both agree on something, you both have to be committed to do your respective parts. It is important that you know how to commit and keep your promises.

Author: Gerry Restrivera

Kareena is the best muse a stylist can get


If Kareena’s look in Tashan wasn’t quite glam, the upcoming Kambakkht Ishq will see the actress ooze loads of oomph and style.

kareena kapoor According to designer Aki Narula, it took many months of research to create the right look for Bebo. “While working on Kareena’s international look, I also had to keep in mind the fashion trends and forecasts for summer 2009 since the movie releases around that time. I also made Kareena try all the clothes I picked up for her before shooting started. So, she knew exactly what to wear for different shots,” says Aki.

In Kambakkht Ishq, Kareena will wear a number of short dresses with a great deal of mismatch. “I’ve used colour blocking to create a clean, trendy and ultra-stylish look. In addition, there are 52 pairs of footwear with five-inch heels that Kareena has worn in the movie. There are also bags in colours like yellow and purple,” says Aki.

Ask him how Kareena would score over the other two actresses — Amrita Rao and Denise Richards — who also have glamorous roles in the movie, and Aki says, “With her attitude and screen presence, Kareena will definitely outshine the others. Besides, she’s very glamorous herself and very comfortably carried off the style I created for her. This will be Bollywood’s most stylish film ever,” says Aki. The stylist has worked with Kareena in the past and says she’s a great co-worker. “Kareena is very hard-working and spent 18 hours trying on all her outfits. She gives her stylist a lot of creative freedom and is the best muse anyone can get,” says Aki.


Indian bridal make-up guide II


Indian bridal makeup, jewellery & bridal dress 1

Base: Priming skin with moisturizer is an essential first step before applying concealer and foundation. A flush of pink on the cheeks and Dior highlighter across cheekbones adds model-like contours to the face.

Allure is the key clement of this look. Lashes are coated with layers of mascara, while of purple and glitter brings the eyelids to life, before black and navy shadows arc smoked across the outer corners to add mat touch of mystery. A stroke of black liquid liner keeps the look polished.

Lips: Neutral lipstick and Lancome Juicy Tubes gloss keep the lips subtle but lip-smackingly gorgeous.

Hair: Hair is pulled away from the face in a chic high bun to allow the dupatta to rest effortlessly. - AWI

12 healthy tips on eating habits


Author: Jaspal

  • eating habits We live not upon what we eat, but upon what we digest. – Abernethy
  • Watch your food…. how you feel, how you eat, when you eat, how much you eat :o)
  • Always eat slowly and chew well your food. By doing that you are going to have better taste, better digestion, better appetite, easy and quick feeling of full and satisfaction. More important, you need less food to satisfy your hunger. But if you can’t spend enough time due to any reasons, make sure to eat slow and take your time in having our dinner. It will bring more calmness and peace into your life :o)
  • Don’t injure/ruin your system by over-feeding it. Over-eating on a regular basis will kill you long before your time.
  • Little raw food (except some vegetables & fruit ), half cooked or raw non-vegetarian food, bar-be-que half done, sushi from non-vegetarian foods, and all class of beans, half cooked rice etc. take more time to digest, so remember to chew well these foods.
  • Avoid fried or deep fried, very spicy or hot, very sour, very sweet, very salty food as much as you can on a regular basis. If you can’t avoid due to any reasons, drink more water and breath more during that day.
  • Avoid stale food or left over food as much as you can. If you can’t avoid due to any reasons, drink more water and breath more during that day.
  • Freshly cooked food is always healthier and digested easily and quickly.
  • Avoid anything very cold with very hot food. Keep a little gap or the temperature should be close to each other.
  • Having anything salty with pure form of milk is dangerous and toxic.
  • Always keeps on changing your cooking oil. Sticking to one of the best in the world and very expensive & pure cooking oil is the most dangerous, and unhealthy. Your body shouldn’t immune to only one oil always, otherwise you will be prone to have digestive problems always adapting and adjusting to the food cooked in different oils than yours, especially travelling, partying or eating out. Your body will not be ready to accept the food cooked in different oil other than your brand. Instead my friendly advice is to give yourself always healthy and pleasant surprises by eating different food staying within your limits.
  • Drink water after at least 30-45 minutes or more of having your meals.

Indian bridal make-up guide


Indian bridal makeup, jewellery & bridal dress

Traditional Bridal: For a matt look use Mac foundation in a color very close to the bride’s skin tone, then set with powder. Mac shimmer helps to illuminate the cheekbones while crating contours in the face.

For Eyes: Use metallic red in the inner corners, blending towards the outside of the eyes with a deep green for a smooth finish. A forest green has been used underneath the eyes to emphasize shape and color for this enchanting bridal look.

Lips: Create neutral lips by lining with a Mac tawny brown lip liner then filled with a creamy neutral lipstick. A dense lip-gloss over the top adds volume and sophistication.
Hair: To emphasize the eyes and makeup, simply part on the side and clip off the face – perfect fro the day or night. – AWI

Bhagya Shri in black Sari


Bhagya Shri in black sari

As I have talked in my previous posts about black sari in trend here I have posted one more picture of bollowood celebrity Bhagya shri in black sari with warm colored embroidery on it.

Barbie girl Katrina Kaif


Bollywood actress Katrina kaif as miss barbie Bollywood actress Katrina kaif as miss barbie Bollywood actress Katrina kaif as miss barbie

Bebo at “Lose your weight”


kareena kapoor at a bool launch _ Lose your weight_0 kareena kapoor at a bool launch _ Lose your weight

Bollywood actresses on ramp


kangana rawat walking on ramp for Narendra kumar fashion designer india at Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai Priyanak chopra walking on ramp for Narendra kumar fashion designer india at Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai Priyanka, kangana & mugdha godse walking on ramp for Narendra kumar fashion designer india at Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai Priyanka, kangana & mugdha godse walking on ramp for Narendra kumar fashion designer india at Lakme Fashion week in Mumbai 1

Traditional bridal wear collection at Lakme Fashion Week


Tradutuibak bridal wear collection by shyamal and bhaumika in Lakme Fashion week Tradutuibak bridal wear collection by shyamal and bhaumika in Lakme Fashion week 2 Tradutuibak bridal wear collection by shyamal and bhaumika in Lakme Fashion week 3 Tradutuibak bridal wear collection by shyamal and bhaumika in Lakme Fashion week 4 Tradutuibak bridal wear collection by shyamal and bhaumika in Lakme Fashion week 5 Tradutuibak bridal wear collection by shyamal and bhaumika in Lakme Fashion week 6

Sparkle of Tanishq


From Tanishq comes a stunning new collection called Aria, a classic seven stone diamond collection, set in 18k gold and crafted with modern design aesthetics. The collection has over 300 complex and simple designs in necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bangles and nose rings.

Asin wearing Tanishq's new collection aria Asin wearing Tanishq's new collection aria 1 Asin wearing Tanishq's new collection aria 2 Asin wearing Tanishq's new collection aria 3

Bollywood similar act!

At times knowingly or unknowingly one tends to copy others and
same is with Bollywood actresses as well. Here's a dekko at some of the
divas who have been spotted wearing almost similar outfits.












Few basic dos and dont’s of skin care in the parlour


skin careChoose a treatment only after careful skin diagnosis consultation with the expert on call. Discuss centra-indications first.

Check out the steps of the procedure and product ingredients before, not after, however intimidated you may feel. Any cosmetic surgery or injection, if done by untrained and inexperienced practitioners, could prove dangerous and even fatal. It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not be afraid to ask or walk out if in doubt.

What may work for your friend may not necessarily work for you.
Get an allergy or patch test done before you go in for any kind of cosmetic procedure or even facials, exfoliations or scrubs. Mention allergic conditions or medications you are currently under.

Diabetic? Had herpes? On heart medicines? Certain procedures are a no-no. Those allergic to aspirin must avoid applications that contain salicylic acid.

Insist on polythene strips for waxing that cannot be re-used. Better still, insist on disposables and fresh or new laundry for every procedure, including the sheet that you lie on.

Go in for facials or other surface treatment at least a week to ten days before any special occasion. It gives your skin time to settle and glow!

Ayurvedic and natural products cause minimal reactions, but check all the same.

Nothing beats a good regimen of proper diet, exercise and plenty of water.

Health is in your hands. Follow a simple at-home skin care programme of cleansing, steaming, toning and moisturizing once a week for a healthy, radiant look!



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