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Learn How to Stop Sweating Naturally and Effectively

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excessive-sweatingExcessive sweating – or hyperhidrosis as it is scientifically known – is a condition due to which certain parts of a person’s body sweat much more than required by the body. The condition is quite troublesome to sufferers, as they become uncomfortable and self conscious and begin to develop a conscious. Sufferers might also shirk from going out in public because of their ailment, and might begin to keep mostly to themselves. This condition, however, is by no means incurable, and given below are a few simple methods on how to stop sweating.

The first and foremost thing to remember about excessive sweating is to improve one’s personal hygiene. Regular baths and showers every morning and even night, if the situation requires, are important as they would wash away any bacteria that may be responsible for making the sweat smell. Even more important is to dry oneself properly after bathing. Talcum powder could be very useful is making the body drier. Antiperspirants must also be used, instead of deodorants, are very useful in controlling excess ive sweating as well as controlling the odour it causes.

Clothing is another important factor in controlling excessive sweating. It is suggested that sufferers use natural fibres like cotton, wool or silk. Such fabrics allow air circulation and let the body breathe. They also help regulate the body’s temperature, thus obviously reducing the amount of sweating. Man-made materials, on the other hand are detrimental, as they increase the body’s temperature and this could increase the body’s sweating tenfold.

1. Yoga may be useful:
How to stop sweating also includes controlling stress. Stress is greatly responsible for causing the body to sweat, since it causes a sort of ‘nervous sweating’. Thus, it is important for sufferers to relax, and the best way to relax is using methods like yoga. Yoga could assist in teaching a person how to regulate and change the body’s breathing pattern and is quite useful on days where one is unusually stressed out. However, it must be performed every day for weeks before any visible results will be shown. Nevertheless, the results will be noticeable, as the person will obviously become more relaxed, and this would imply that the bouts of stress and nervousness will become less and less frequent.

2. Quit Smoking:
If the sufferer is a smoker, then another method of how to stop sweating is to stop smoking. While people might generally argue that smoking calms the nerves, in reality it has been found to aggravate the problem. Smoking dilates the blood capillaries, thus increasing the body temperature which naturally increases the amount of sweat produced. Thus, a person who smokes to indirectly stop sweating by calming themselves would find themselves only intensify the problem.

3. Coffee:
Regular drinkers of coffee are also susceptible to nervous sweating. This is mainly due to the sugar and caffeine present in coffee that has been found to raise the anxiety level as well as the heart rate. While coffee might be important to most people, it is important to drop this habit if one wants to know how to stop sweating.
There are extreme cases of nervous-related sweating, and such simple solutions might not be effective. If sufferers of such extreme cases want to know how to stop sweating, there are many other ways that are available on the internet. Thus even such sufferers must not lose hope.

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dancilhoney on Sunday, January 30, 2011 6:23:00 PM said...

Having super sweaty pits has always been a big problem for me, it's ruined shirts and dresses and made me feel like I should never raise my arms in public. Not now thanks to Stop Sweating



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