Monday, May 11, 2009

5 ways in losing weight fast

weight-lossMany diet programs will offer you the same thing. That is losing weight fast. They promise that you quickly lose 25 pounds, will you join it? Well, maybe you will see their example program. After see it, I’m sure that you will decide to ignore it. Why? Yes, because most diets of this are very strict. They will send you daily menu with reduce your calorie intake and severally restrict your food choices. Even the diet really work, it’s only for short term or what we call it yo-yo diet.
You don’t want that happens to you, right? 

Well, I will give you 5 ways in losing weight fast. It will not make stress, because this ways is a part of your life style.

1. Healthy Breakfast
Begin you long day with breakfast. Include calorie in your breakfast, it will give you energy for facing the day and give back the nutrient to your body after sleep along night.

2. Forget about counting the calorie
Reducing the calorie intake is not help you in losing weight. It only made your body not get enough energy in burning the fat. Better to try calorie shifting diet (for more information visit calorie shifting).

3. Healthy snack
The ideal snack contains high fiber, like fruits. Hmm, I think, an apple a day already enough.

4. Move more
Well, you don’t need extreme exercise or fitness. You only need move more, 30 minutes every day. Walk with your dog or walking to the office.

5. The important, believe
Many people successfully lose weight because of believe that they can gain their ideal weight. it’s no use if you do all the diet program but not believe in yourself that you can gain your ideal weight.
Now, you see, only simple 5 things will help you in losing weight. Many people do diet like have a pressure, that’s why their diet didn’t work. After starving their self, they will not get enough energy in fat burn and they should spend their energy for stress in dieting? How can they success in gain their ideal weight? Just do the diet as a lifestyle!

Author: Ben Tien

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys just wanted to share my experience with you guys, I followed the instructions on and it helped me alot. I lost 30 pounds in 45 days. I highly recommend you guys try it.



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