Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Fix Common Marriage Problems

marriage problems Relationships are complicated and of course problems are inevitable in any relationship like marriage. It is so disturbing to know the increasing rate of divorce case and you have to make sure that your marriage will not end in divorce. It is important that you know what to do to fix common marriage problems to avoid divorce. A failed marriage is the most painful thing that could happen to anyone. Here are some tips to save your marriage:

Communicate. Cold war and waiting for your spouse to do the first move or break the ice will not help your marriage. To fix common marriage problems, you both have to express your feelings. Be honest and express how you felt in a respectful manner. Avoid shouting and blaming each other. It is okay to get angry but do not hurt your spouse physically or verbally just to express your anger. As much as possible use the word "I" often than the word "you." For instance you can say, "I am upset to wait and eat alone at night" than saying "You are late again for dinner". There are respectful ways to communicate your feelings of hurt, embarrassment, disappointments without starting a fight. Learn to be more diplomatic and calm.

Apologize. Yes, there is nothing wrong to apologize when you have hurt your spouse. Admitting your mistakes is important if you want to fix common marriage problems. You will get amazed what a simple sorry can do to your marriage. The sincerity that you do not mean to hurt your spouse and that you are sorry for what you did can do wonders in your marriage.

Commit to take action. To fix common marriage problems, you have to walk the talk. Action speaks louder than words. If you both agree on something, you both have to be committed to do your respective parts. It is important that you know how to commit and keep your promises.

Author: Gerry Restrivera

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