Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Few basic dos and dont’s of skin care in the parlour

skin careChoose a treatment only after careful skin diagnosis consultation with the expert on call. Discuss centra-indications first.

Check out the steps of the procedure and product ingredients before, not after, however intimidated you may feel. Any cosmetic surgery or injection, if done by untrained and inexperienced practitioners, could prove dangerous and even fatal. It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not be afraid to ask or walk out if in doubt.

What may work for your friend may not necessarily work for you.
Get an allergy or patch test done before you go in for any kind of cosmetic procedure or even facials, exfoliations or scrubs. Mention allergic conditions or medications you are currently under.

Diabetic? Had herpes? On heart medicines? Certain procedures are a no-no. Those allergic to aspirin must avoid applications that contain salicylic acid.

Insist on polythene strips for waxing that cannot be re-used. Better still, insist on disposables and fresh or new laundry for every procedure, including the sheet that you lie on.

Go in for facials or other surface treatment at least a week to ten days before any special occasion. It gives your skin time to settle and glow!

Ayurvedic and natural products cause minimal reactions, but check all the same.

Nothing beats a good regimen of proper diet, exercise and plenty of water.

Health is in your hands. Follow a simple at-home skin care programme of cleansing, steaming, toning and moisturizing once a week for a healthy, radiant look!

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