Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What to look for in a parlour

facial masthead Reputation: Check   out  the   reputation   of  its consultants, dermatologists or therapists. Are they trained?  Do  they  have  a  license?  Are there  any testimonials on display? Referrals are a must.

Hygiene: Vital. How clean is it? Look at the towels, the combs, the basins, even the nails of the attendants. Find out. Do a recce first. Don't take chances. Sterilization is a must. An infection could mar you for life.

Clientele: If there are no regulars or repeats, avoid. Happy customers always return. Guard against a high turnover or even a very slow one.

Need: Keep your needs in mind. One parlor may be good for haircuts, another for skin care. Choose accordingly.

Price: Plays an important role, admittedly, but should never be your only criterion. A branded clinic will definitely be more expensive than a neighborhood parlor, but the services may be equally superior. Also, never hesitate to ask the rate before taking the treatment. Find out if there are hidden costs, like taxes. You will pay, so you have a right to know.

Products: Are the skin and hair products in use reputed? Even these are not a fool-proof guarantee, but cheap products compromise on quality to keep the price low and can cause allergies.

Equipment: Has to be sterilized, clean and efficient. An unclean metal foot beautyscraper could lead to serious disease. If a razor is used, make sure the blades are changed in front of you.

Location: Needs to be suitably located. But this swings your choice in favor of the parlor only if all other criteria are met.

Trends: While ifs important that you dont follow fads blindly, it's equally important that your parlor is up there with the latest. Just in case!

The staff:  Should  be clean,  well-trained and experienced. Friendly, accommodating and confident, but not   condescending, indifferent and intimidating.

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