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How harmful is alcohol during pregnancy

Thinking of my angelAlcohol is sure to harm the developing baby, though no body knows for sure the extent of damage. It is always advisable for pregnant women to play it safe by keeping away from alcohol during those crucial nine months.Steering clear of alcohol is indeed the wisest option to make, if you are really concerned about your baby’s health.

It is not practical to decide on a safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. This level will vary from one woman to another. The rate in which the body of each pregnant woman metabolizes alcohol is different. The impact of alcohol drinking is found to be more in women who are exposed to cigarette smoke and ‘caffeinated’ drinks. Pregnant women who take in an improperly balanced or poorly nutritional diet are also found to be more prone to the harmful hazards of alcohol.

As a pregnant woman drink alcohol, it reaches the developing baby within no time through the blood stream, across the placenta. Women who are exposed to intensified alcohol consumption, such as more than two units of alcohol per day, are more likely to give birth to kids suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Children with this syndrome are likely to be retarded, both mentally and physically. They are also more vulnerable to behavioral disorders and coronary ailments.

Babies born to women who take in more than two units of alcohol a day during the pregnant months are also likely to face troubles in learning speech and imbibing language. While some kids with the syndrome finds it difficult to focus their attention for long, some others are hyperactive.

If you simply cannot avoid the beverage, however hard you try, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist and try replacing alcohol with an occasional glass of wine or beer. You can also try experimenting other stress-relief measures such as a warm bath, soft music, a massage, exercise etc.

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