Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stop Your Divorce Now - When You're Headed For A Split


If this is your situation, here's what you can do to stop your divorce.
How To Stop Your Divorce
1. Empower your partner:
A marriage that is not on equal footing will eventually fall apart. If any one of the partners has more power, for instance - he/she is the one who always make all the important decisions, is not open to suggestions from the other partner, or their word is law - then such a marriage won't work.
Thus, to keep your marriage strong, you have to make it such that both the partners feel that their opinion matters. I'm not suggesting that you will suddenly begin to see eye to eye on everything, but at least both of you can have your say and then find a solution that is mutually acceptable.
2. Never sleep on a fight: Yes, you've heard that one before. But do you actually follow the advice? No matter how small or silly the argument seems, you should talk and resolve it before going to bed. If left unresolved, even small things can fester and before you know it you start to resent your partner or vice versa. Thus, make sure you sort out any disagreements before they are blown out of proportion.
3. Don't fight dirty: So your partner has really hurt you bad. But that still does not make it ok for you to fight dirty. If you're in a fight, make sure you stick to the topic at hand and don't rake up past issues that have nothing to do with why you're fighting.
Name calling and hitting below the belt are huge no-nos too. Also, you need to be careful what you say in 'jest' also as it could be extremely hurtful to your partner. The way you fight when issues crop up will make the difference between a strong and a weak marriage.
Want a complete proven system to restore your marriage once and for all? You don't have to fork out hundreds or even thousands for marriage counseling.
I want to share with you this effective strategy that will help you win back your husband or wife - even if you're the only one trying!

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