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Why people want to lose weight?

woman_weight_loss Weight Loss is the most common reason that an individual will start to a diet. Whether it is to become more physically fit, comfortable, more attractive or for health benefits, losing weight is indeed a positive change in many people’s lives. In some instances, losing weight can even save lives. For those who struggle in the battle of weight loss, may even come across many stereotypes or statements that heightens your determination of losing weight.

I have asked many people who are or has been on a diet and the reasons why they choose to lose weight are:
Appearance: Many people have self-esteem issues when it comes to their weight. For some men, their weight problem may not attract a person to him. For some women, it is the same. Women are more conscience of their appearance. They want to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Both sex, may feel that if weight is loss, a new or existing relationship would strengthen.

Break The Stereotype: There are stereotypes that are forced upon people who are overweight. Some people that are overweight, is looked at as if they are unhappy, tired, or lazy. I have heard some state, "I'd hate to be that person." Many reasons why a person chooses to lose weight, is to break this stereotype. An overweight person has the self-esteem to endure the weight loss process. Therefore, losing weight makes the individual feel much better physically and mentally.

Health Reasons: Many people want to lose weight in order to physically feel better. A person may be 5 pounds overweight. Or a person may be 20 pounds overweight. The main goal here, is to shed off that excess weight. There are millions of people in America who are ill. By losing weight, this may deter heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, strokes, and diabetes. The chance to diet, eat healthy, and lose weight is a positive option.

Better Employment: It seems as if our appearance, also helps to determine our employment status. People may want to lose weight before that great interview. To look your best at an interview, creates a positive first impression. When you walk in the room for the interview, you are seen to have confidence and a glow about yourself. When interviewed, the employer may judge by looks. The notion of being overweight, may tie into the employee being possibly lazy and a unhappy worker. Therefore, this is another good reason why people want to lose weight.

Clothing: Many people tend to have a closet or closets full of garments. Some may even have clothes which was kept from 10 to 15 years ago. Those clothes may have shown a special quality, feature, or made the person feel good about themselves. So the choice to lose weight, is undoubtedly a decision one makes. They may want to once again, fit into the clothing and feel the youth they had 10 to 20 years ago. We notice this happens around the time of our class reunion.
Another reason to lose weight, may be the savings of buying new clothes. A lot of people may buy a suit or dress that fits very nice. A year later, that same suit or dress may be too small. To buy clothing every year, will add up, which means money is being spent. For this reason, people become very motivated to lose weight.

Save Money on Travel: Nowadays, people who are overweight or so called obese, are punished. On some airlines, a person who is overweight and cannot fit in the planes' single chair, can possibly be charged a double fee. An individual may seem fit to lose weight in order to save him or herself money.

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight. Looking better and feeling good about themselves is terrific. Having a plan and setting a routine is the first big step in losing weight. Yet, there are a lot reasons why people fail the battle of weight loss.

To successfully hit your weight loss goal, I have done an extensive research and discovered to my surprise, the biggest mistakes on why people fail at losing weight. I also have learned that you can possibly learn from other people's mistakes, which will make your fight against obesity much easier.


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bodybuild on Monday, November 15, 2010 4:52:00 PM said...

Yes, definitely I agree weight loss is really an issue to me. Shall I say it has a lots of benefits if I gain such kind of appearance that I wanted.Aside from gaining a healthy body it would make me more beautiful inside and out.From clothing to travel I could save more.

Anonymous said...

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