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Easy Ways to Lose 8-10 Pounds

My weight loss progressThere are many reasons why people want to lose weight: to look better, to feel healthier or to gain more confidence. One of the best weight loss goals you can set is to lose eight-ten pounds. This is a very achievable goal for those individuals who set their mind to it. While many individuals want to lose weight quickly, many of the quick fixes available involve rules that are far too strict and people are unable to stick to them for a long time.

Change your habits
Changing your eating habits is one the best ways to lose ten pounds. While the process may take a much longer period of time, the results tend to be more permanent. Closely examining your eating habits will reveal a lot about you.  For example, you may be snacking late at night or snacking while you watch TV instead of eating because you are hungry.

Reduce the quantity of food
Most people just eat too much. This is because the body only recognizes that it is full twenty minutes after the stomach is full. This means that you have to pay more attention to the signals your body sends when you eat.

Chew foods
You can significantly reduce the quantity of food you eat by chewing more. This increases the time you take to eat and gives your body enough time to signal whether you should eat more or stop.  It will also help to reduce the amount of unhealthy food you consume.

Change your routine
A lifestyle change is another way to lose weight. You have to change your daily routine to include more activities and exercise. You can make little changes that will bring about great changes in the end.

The following suggestions may help:  take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride a bike to work instead of driving, or consider walking if you live close to work.  Not only will this help you lose weight but you will also save money on gas. Many individuals have found that diet changes and exercise come with quick weight loss that is both unsustainable and unrealistic. It is for this reason that small changes to diet and lifestyle over time are a much better option for sustainable weight loss.

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