Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tiny Lifestyle Tweaks



Do you drink diet sodas? Or chew gum to stop yourself from snacking? Both these habits may be doing more harm than you think. Sodas are aerated and when you chew gum, you tend to swallow more often than you normally would. Part of what you are swallowing is air, which bloats up your stomach. Drinking aerated drinks through a straw is even worse. Eating food slowly will help, because gulping food means you're swallowing excess air.

Walk Straight

Do you walk with a hunch or slouch in your seat? Slouching accentuates belly fat. So correct your posture and you can lose inches immediately. Stand up straight, hold your stomach in - this will strengthen your abs and stop that roll of fat from bulging out. Maintaining a good posture will take away inches from your stomach and your waist, and add to your height and confidence too.

Loosen your Belt

The self explanatory 'tight pants syndrome' not only reduces circulation, leading to a headache, but can also cause acid reflux and heartburn.

It could also lead to build-up of gas in the intestines. So loosen that belt and feel less bloated.

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